No matter what you do, unplayable

That’s it. I’ve 24 “played” hours, 22 spent on a queue that is frying the cpu. At first i wanted to play on a populated server, noticed the 2 week free transfer thing, great idea. Then i started to play on the least populated server after giving up and rejoining a new shorter queue.

I managed to start playing at ~00:15 CET on the 28th , played for 40 min and off to bed.

Next day i get 500-1000 people in queue, it’s ok. Every time i get close to “my turn” i get a random connection message and here we go again. Again like 8 hours queueing for nothing until i can finally play a bit at the end of the day.

Today tried now 4000 people in queue!!! On the least populated server i could find at the time, seems like another day of not playing/barely not.

Dear Amazon devs, yes actually there is some people that has a job and a family and wants to play, your game right now seems to be only suitable for people that can and want to stay 24h in front of a computer refreshing a window.

The worst thing is that is not that i’m a stubborn guy crashing against a wall, i tried the most optimal way to actually play:

-I joined the least populated server
-I queue beforehand and patiently wait to get connection problems.

This launch has been a mess, some people are already way ahead than most of us only because they were lucky enough to have no issues while connecting, most of us spent more time queueing than actually playing. You can’t go ahead with this unfairness

At least!!! Let us transfer now to one of those low pop server so we can actually play the game and later… maybe move with our friends that are completely split up/trapped in random servers we weren’t intended to play.

Honestly this is the worst launch i’ve ever seen, even the messy Blizzard and private/indie devs managed to do it better, i see you’re trying but this urges some kind of compensation or big fix.

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