No more balancing stuff, more meaningful updates, voting on forums?

Please stop supporting minority groups, it’s recking the game for the rest of us and is half the reason why sooo many people are still leaving the game. I understand that some stuff need to be balanced, but just put a VOTING system on the forum for it, so you can see what actually needs to be balanced and what the majority of players ACTUALLY want. I’ve seen so many nerf this and nerf that posts lately that it hurts, cause a few weeks later, quite often it does get nerfed, cause a handful of people were unhappy with it, who cares that 90% of people were happy with it and had gotten use to it…

And instead of wasting all that time with the changing things for the minority groups every few seconds, how about we fix the current issues that still exist in this game that make the other half of people leave the game, i’m sure theres dozens of them, but here are just a handful of them as an example:

  1. Anti-Cheat software, never thought a mmo would need this, but hey, turns out auto aim/walling is a thing with musket players (valve has one btw if u didn’t want to do one). Even bots haven’t been addressed properly yet. All you have to do is type in youtube something like, auto aim new world, and this is the first vid that pops up
    New World Hack 2022 | AIMBOT, ESP, FISHING BOT | DOWNLOAD | UNDETECTED - YouTube

This vid was posted in January btw and these guys are still around in OPR…

  1. Crafting has become pretty useless, requiring a small fortune to get a bis piece of gear or the luck of the rng gods. How many people outside of maybe jewelry, still bother crafting armor or weapons, when you can just go to a dungeon and that bis item (even if it means running it 20-50 times, thanks for changing that soon btw!)

  2. Enemy variety, not just the same mobs with different abilities, actual different things to make it feel like i haven’t killed my 5000 skeleton or lost pirate

  3. Reason to actually go out and explore, you know how many amazing places i’ve found, that looks like it could have been an epic place, just to find there is nothing there other then the buildings or scenery, like it was going to be a point of interest, but it was never completed. Right side of Restless Shores is a good example, these great houses on tiny cliffs on tiny island next to the ocean (would have loved to have one of those as a house btw), but that’s all there is…

  4. Reason to go out and find different kinds of mobs to farm, like the ice wolfs that use to drop Quintessence, that use to be a reason to actually go out there and kill them. Maybe Quintessence was destroying the market prices, but instead of reducing it to wisp or essence, it was just completely removed. I haven’t been back to them since… Which is a shame, caue i use to go out to try and find all their caves, cause they werent marked on the map, it was like a thrill to find a new one.

I could go on all day with my views of what i think should be changed/updated/redone. But that’s not the point of this. I personally think that the devs should introduce a voting system, to help focus on more meaningful updates, ones that will not only keep the current player base, but get people to return. Hell, put a tiny reward in to ensure more participation if needed in the voting.

Please, agree with me or don’t, but don’t make this post about that. Help show the devs the things you would like to see changed in the game, that thing that would help you stay and help keep the game alive. Post your thoughts on a voting system and things that have been overlooked down below.

Thanks for reading my rambling :slight_smile:

just some examples of what i was saying:

BTW, DEVS, please tell me who asked for split stats? I doubt 95% of the community wants you to ram this down our throats… please devs, read the comments from the players under this, this is exactly why we need a voting system…

too lazy to go through more right now, but ones i remember reading were things like

  1. swimming, everyone on the island came by boat, but drowns from falling off a pier, lol

  2. what’s the point of stonecutting now that orbs are being removed, other then maybe furniture and honing stones… making it a dead skill at this rate

  3. Able to maybe salvage a current piece of armor/weapon so u can use it as a cosmetic override? There is a ton of amazing looking gear, at like 400-500 GS and yet everyone looks the same around 600, lol.

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