No need for negative posts

There’s no need to keep making angry posts. Endwalker is soon. I’m sure AGS will fix the game properly in the month or two that it will take to enjoy EW. We’ll all come back to NW and see how its doing when we get to the point in the 3 month patch cycle where we can take a break.

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There ABSOLUTELY is a need for all of them currently.


I don’t play FF, so gfy

Passive Aggressive

I see what you did there. Idle threats mean nothing, they’ve had enough of those already but if this makes you feel better.

There may not be a need for negative posts, but there’s definitely a demand.


I’m sure

Yeh well… I don’t care what you’re “sure” of… only in what IS right now.

Until then… expect my anger and toxic review.

I understand if it’s not in your niche. But you never know. You should always leave yourself open to new experiences. Once in awhile you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The first is comprehensible. Everyone is entitled to their anger and have a right to express it.

This only works though if the expression of that anger is not toxic. Perhaps our definitions are very different.Toxicity is abuse simply for the sake of being abusive. It can go above and beyond basic expressions of anger. Oftentimes this means expression becomes not a way to address wrongs, but instead its purpose is solely to injure the other party.

Toxicity is a very counterproductive way of trying to get things to change.

The Toxic word used here is really in reference to anything negative being seen as toxic, toxic as a word is an extreme view of the situation or my personal review of the game, when I use it, it’s really just a sarcastic way of saying any negative view will be assumed by others as a toxic one.

However, that said… Your claim that toxicity is very counter productive, I refute. Take for example physical violence… oft claimed to be the worst review of someones opinion from another… someone calls you a name, you get angry, you tell them to take it back, they laugh, you smack them in the teeth. They stop. Violence obviously works.

Given that an avg toxic review is pretty much anything said in a negative way, there’s only one way developers will listen and that’s when people online get to the point where they use words in such a regard as to equate to physical violence. Because only then will the developers actually listen.

Therefore I would argue, that being toxic does actually work and is indeed the only way to get people to listen. To read… afterall you can only listen to sounds and words aren’t sounds.

To read, comprehend and understand. Toxic reviews are just communication and any communication is better than none at all. Good feedback doesn’t fix problems, it hides them.

Constructive feedback, whilst it is the best form of feedback isn’t always possible, I don’t like this, it sucks, fix it. It’s their game… why should I be telling them how to make it better? There’s also the issue that if you try to be constructive… people will disagree with you anyway, just for the hell of it. Then it becomes an inconstructive thread of argument and counter argument.

Perhaps it’s better just to say… I don’t like this… fix it. And leave it to the devs to work out how.

So in review of your comment/reply… I respectfully decline.

Needless to add, yes some people add in various swearing and insults to their views and opinions, but this isn’t really my perview as I find swearing & petty insults really rather boring.

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