No Nerf to Aiming

Aiming is essential to New World PvP play. The need for players to learn how to aim in order to be effective in combat is one of the key features of this game that offers a counterpoint to a totally mechanical system whereby the player with the best gear always wins.

It take a lot of effort to learn how to be able to aim in New World. Please reconsider any changes that will make it easier for players who are not willing to put in the work to learn how to do it.

It is totally understandable that many players prefer combat mechanics where auto-aiming is enabled, and one is able to target players with a hotkey or to be able to tab through targets. And there are already plenty of really great games available for players who prefer this mechanism.

Please do not make New World into one of those games. I am concerned it will undermine a lot of what some players find enjoyable about combat if we continue further down the path which enables players to be effective in combat situations, without ever having to learn how to aim.

What are you talking about? People don’t want HIT-SCAN, and I agree. The musket needs to be changed to projectiles with Battlefield-like drop over distance, just like the Bow.


We had talked about this last night on discord.

I had mentioned that a lot of the auto-attack based damage may be the reason so many do only 600k-1m damage in wars. It seems to be Counter intuitive to how other mmo’s with targeted aiming does (like wow) their game, and due to the popularity of wow and other similar type “tab-targeting” games, it seems that players fundamentally miss that a lot of damage is coming from this area of the game.

I do agree completely that the game is action based, meaning by default it should be built in a way that auto attacks (ie light, heavy targeted attacks) deal a good portion of the damage; However, I strongly believe there should be parts to support the ability-spam style of gameplay (shifting large amounts of damage competitive to auto attacks to abilities), and find it fundamentally and utterly important for the longer term health of the game . As such, i think we should see lots of power shifted off things like keenly empowered, and empower effects and shifted more into things like + ability damage (shirking for example) or perks like enchanted so players can fundamentally pick which of the two they are, which is where i think the real strength of new world rests in its loose (build your own) class design.

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It is always good for the game ecosystem to allow for players to create their own class, and to accommodate different playstyles.

The counterpoint is that there should always be some kind of sacrifice taken in order to gain an advantage. Players who take the time to practice aiming have made the sacrifice, and should continue to accrue an advantage for doing so. They miss a lot, and they die a lot, learning how to apply this skill. They should continue to be rewarded appropriately.

So long as you must pick and choose, then making accommodations for playstyles that are not so heavily dependent on aiming would be positive for the game.

But there is also a slippery slope to watch out for, because some players who prefer not to aim may not be satisfied to be confined to certain builds. There will no doubt be players who would prefer to run with a fire staff or bow and just tab through targets and set up their ability spam macros and call it a day.

If something like that happened, it would not be positive for the game.

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