No official AGS response/update today?

Anyone else kind of upset that AGS hasn’t really addressed anything, or put out an official response/ roadmap/ game plan today?


Wednesday is the usual day

I mean it’s the first Monday from a 4 day holiday. I say give them a few days.


I dont get upset over video games…do you? For real??


annoyed but not upset.


Why would this annoy you? Who cares, its just a game?


We are all patiently waiting for this weeks announcements, our server is currently devoid of life atm and csnt progress with what i want too because either nothing sells, i cant upgrade my trophies via company furnisher to make 600 rolls on armour, or my storages are brimmed with goods to make stuff.

Real interested to see what they have planned to fix the cluster mess that has become new world ><


I am annoyed and I don’t mind saying that because most of us on the 430 dead servers would like an update. They cannot keep dragging their feet with regards to mergers. We had the remaining large Mauraders company quit the past week probably due to server dying and now the whole map is Covenant.

Cant sell anything
Cant get any decent grouping activities apart from the 3 boss siren farm.

It is no fun at all.



I understand that it’s frustrating, I didn’t say wait years. I said a few days since most are probably just in the office today from being gone for 4 days.

I’m on a pretty dead server too.

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nothing major is going to change until december major update, until then play the game as you see fit or take a break xD you stressing out over a game

Don’t play and come back later

“just in the office” is there job isnt it ? I mean the CM’s are not working on Dev stuff but they are in the same office in LA… so must know something ?

OMG they littereally just posted translations in the dev blogs that were posted a month ago…


Totally valid concern. But also a pattern of “hurry hurry hurry” ooooo they patched and they rushed it omg why do they keep rushing.

It has been a while, but they need time to increase their quality, so I personally am done demanding rushes. We know this is on their agenda. The code was in the PTR build and tested it with live players. They will merge as quickly as they reasonably can (I believe).

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The version that was in the PTR was flawed and still had bugs that were in the beta. I’m thinking they are going to roll out another PTR with the new code and do another test before merges roll out, but I could be wrong.

Oh. I only saw posts of people saying they couldn’t find anything wrong with the merge logic.

I doubt there were literally nobody working on anything during the holiday, or that the mods literally threw up their hands and went “fuck it, vacation time”, so hopefully there will be an update soon.

I mean, what kind of crap ass bootleg operation does not have competent staff at hand in case of an emergency, or just to keep things running during a holiday.
Yeah it sucks to work during a holiday, but it is what it is, you take one for the team, get some extra holiday pay, and then get to fuck off to wherever next year.

Yeah, they are settiing their priorities straight

Translating month old posts cause why the hell not amirite


I hope they got some form of a break. Surely they crunched up to release, and certainly since release. I’m in this for the long haul and I hope the devs are getting some time to look after themselves.

Skeleton crews for holidays are usually meant to keep the ship floating, not lead the charge with new change implementations

So… You want a post from the community team that says they have no news?

Because they get blasted for those.

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