No official AGS response/update today?

“here is what we plan on doing next.
-we also want to do this in the near future
-we are currently working on this, no ETA yet. But its the priority
-regarding this, we plan to do this
-we’ll keep you updated on [date]”

Look at the fuckin dev tracker. they talked briefly about the 300k fiasco, and luxendra answered some random threads. Less than 20 posts in 4 days. Really?

what about merges
What is the feedback from linked markets and pvp flag, there is surely some feedback.
What about furniture exploit?


I’d rather they put out an honest no BS announcement detailing issues.

“We have no idea how to stop the furniture duping, sorry but this is going to take a lot longer.
We think we can do server mergers in the next couple of weeks.
We have no plans to revert elite difficulty”

It’s better than what we’ve been getting.

If they don’t know how to fix something and it’s going to take a long time, I’d rather they just said that.


My frustration is that there hasn’t been any communicated update. I don’t mean a “we are working on it” post either. A legitimate here is where we are and here is when we expect to have this fixed. The furnishing issue is a huge pain in the butt. My houses are filling up with items I can do nothing but drop them in my houses and all I want to do is destroy them. I can’t buy storage chests for the house I bought literally the night before they disabled the trading. Which I’ve continued to have to pay taxes on despite the only reason I bought the house was for storage.

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If you’re that hungry, you can easily find everything they’re working on if you search for it. There is a lot in the client already and it’s actually an interesting read.

Each of the dev blogs also gives a taste of what’s ahead.

Well, to be fair, two more Dev posts added multi lingual translation. And, one of those Dev posts was flagged by the community.

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Toxic lol

@Luxendra is this a safe read? Jokes aside maybe you can unflag him :smiley: I didn’t do it I swear!

You missed the point entirely, so there is no point in discussing further

10% taxes, but yes. Hopefully an update will come on that soon.

Good! Bye :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Is that real, cannot find it under their profile.

English speakers shaming translations… People can be really disgusting sometimes.

Are you talking about this?

How did they do that lol, you can’t report moderator posts.

For the record, I haven’t flagged that post. But I would imagine it’s because people are seeing dev posts/updates in the dev corner and it just ends up being translations for things posted weeks ago, it’s a bit annoying when you’re hoping to see some actual updates and that is all we get.

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All i want is furniture fixed ASAP ROKY


Yeah not sure, lol. I don’t know how the privileges are in Discourse.

Yeah this one is intresting, you can’t flag a moderation post unless a moderator yourself.

They’re all drawing sticks to see who has to type up the “sincere apology we care post”.

Some poor intern is doomed.

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Looking at his other non flagged posts it seems users can flag him, but not other Devs.


his trust level is basic user and not leader? Maybe why?

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They definitely need to fix that lol, can’t have people doing that to AGS posts.