No one asked for the FT nerfs!

Latest nerfs to FT not really needed … This ability is already bad … Not so many people playing it … And Damage not enough and you give it a nerf when no one asked !! This will make it useless for fire staff users … And more people wont play it… So dead basically


Id disagree. The dmg output should be similar, the reasoning for the change is due to a bug. So if you are suffering a noticeable loss in dmg you were basically benefitting from a bug previously.

Id also argue that because of elemental aversion now becoming more prominent FT is now more important as a tool for mages as FT as far as I know and from testing isn’t classed as a ranged attack, and this isn’t affected by aversion.


Nah i think its affected by aversion and thats another nerf indirectly
And they dont know how to fix a bug so they just nerf it by adding a cd to dmg … Seems like lazy work to me
And idk about the bug too … Maybe its new and only on ptr

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I didn’t realise they changed FT to be affected by aversion. I haven’t tested it for a while. My bad.

Real issue here is that it now builds up smolder only half as quick

what mage is going to try and use FT next patch with the changes to fortify? They never reverted the change to melee snare so you will be spending more time pressing respawn then playing. Fire mage not really looking any different than on live TBH aside from flare and multiple ability damage nerfs

Honestly it’s probably going to feel worse between aversion and rubies being used, and not being able to utilize fortify as well

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Out of nowhere he says :joy::joy::joy:


The problem is they made fs skill perks only do buffs when enemy has smolder… And best way to apply smolder is FT so ur forced to use flamethrower anyway… But with nerf… Its really gonna be weird and off

Everyone and their grandma is using it lol.

For sure not bad.

It needed nerfed, get over it.


its not as bad as melee nerfs to be honest but its just an annoying nerf … Im already over it :wink:

well giving FS melee close ability with no utility or fortify is really bad design


True … Ags just dont know what they are doing at this point

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The nerfs are needed. The damage output with minimal thinking a FT can do is pretty crazy. All this does is give someone a chance to escape it without getting 5 stacks of burn instantly. It’s damage is the same


The nerfs hit the wrong way. I’m actually agreeing that FT needed a nerf, but the way they handled it is pretty bad. I’d much rather they slap a flat 20% damage reduction to FT ticks but keep the tick rate the same so that it’s at least possible to use the capstone talent before the first stack expires in the presence of iframes, desert sunrise, cleanses etc. Same goes for pillar/smolder interaction. The way they worded it makes it sound like it’s mostly due to dot logic acting funky, and rather than target the root cause they decided to apply yet another bandaid fix. FS is now once more pigeonholed into a left side spec, and we were actually pretty close to having some viable build diversity. Real shame :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Edit: To expand on the point, I believe what most people have issues with now is the rolly polly easymode playstyle of FT. This does nothing to combat that playstyle, and in fact promotes it even more because dodge rolling takes less than 1 second so you get to sneak in a bit of an extra tick if you roll cancel right after a tick and immediately FT again. This used to not be possible with a higher tick rate as you would lose the next 0.5 sec tick if you dodged out of it. What they should have done is slap a temporary 10-20% dmg decrease on FT ticks until the dot issue is fixed, and then add a 2-3 sec CD on activation that stays. Rolly Polly fixed, damage easily tuned for both scenarios with the dot issue, right side capstone and pillar interaction still intact. Everyone wins


I mean I feel like I see posts all the time about nursing it. It was absolutely asked for. Damned if they do damned if they don’t

Yeah i agree … It just felt like a last minute thing… Like they forgot and just had to do something since they nerfed almost all weapons … So it was kinda a lazy work … Not in right direction like you said

The only thing this does is kill any build diversity for the FS. Yes im happy for changes to the weapon and its mainly the reason im back but you have nerfed half the abilities now.

Fireball is nerfed
FT is nerfed
Incinerate is nerfed.

You have to use FT for 5 sec now to get all the burn/smolder effect and even then it drops back to 4 quickly due to dot timer.

You could use FT for 1-2 second on live version vs good players, on PTR you get one smolder for the same duration and any FS user that use FT is just going to nerf him self.



The nerfs are needed. The damage output with minimal thinking a FT can do is pretty crazy. All this does is give someone a chance to escape it without getting 5 stacks of burn instantly. It’s damage is the same

The problem here is that the dmg it self is the same. If you understand how this ability worked you would know that a dmg reduction would be a less of a nerf then what it is now. 2 sec of FT to get 1 smolder is not worth it. Test it your self vs a player that do know how to PvP

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A lot of people have asked for flamethtower nerfs the past year.

FT is op