No one asked for the FT nerfs!

Hahahahaha :joy::joy::joy: nice post-irony

You guys didn’t understand the very harsh sarcasm :rofl:

Flamethrower risk vs reward was not on par with how easy it was to use. FT removed the need to heavy or light attack, I can see this bringing it back

Don’t worry, we can spam heavy attacks at players feet now for full damage

Yippy aiming! /s

even Fs players don’t assume to use this skill. no one appreciates this skill. the nerve is natural. no talent to play this, you can take all the kills effortlessly.

ye, nobody asked
they demanded it

Dude heavy attack will be like a fireball good luck dealing with that … Atleast FT require people to push and play close range … But i think you prefer a mage who is 50 m away from u … Good luck fighting it

no FS takes risk with FT

they only do that when the situation is easy, when there are several on one player, to give him no chance.

believe me it changes nothing of nerve that. it’s good for everyone

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