No one is doing dynasty mutation on my server

It seems that dynasty is very hard and people are saving their orbs is it the same on your server?

We farmed m4 laz gold all last week, I know 4 isnt crazy high but its respectable for casual gamers.

We spent 90min in m1 dynasty last night before giving up, theres gonna be a few “gitgud” replies but those are the same toxic man children that helped drive the population down to 25k in 5 months so ignore them.

Save your orbs, run 1 normal to get the free mutated orb and stop.

you dont get free mutation orb is A BUG like this UPDATE`s always BUGGED

Just a hunch, but bugs, lack of content, lack of balance changes and the introduction of unneccessary systems might have been a more weighty factor in regards to player decline. :wink:

We used 4 refreshed mutation key cooldowns on laz last night- now we could only reach dynasty mutation 6.

We wont waste the 6 keys on low-level mutations - the rewards till m8 are nonexistent.

We will even save all the keys for the next weeks to do 20-30 m10 runs in one week: maximum abuse of the key system and efficiency. This way we will be 4 weeks ahead of players who play garden and dynasty.

10 keys:
m1-m10: 14.800 shards
10x m10: 60.000 shards

3 weeks/ 30 keys, if you play laz, dyna and garden:
44.400 shard (+ 5 bonus onetime keys)

3 weeks / 30 keys, if you only play laz:
134.800 shards (+ 5 bonus onetime keys)

You need ~91k shards for one maxed out gearset - If you can reuse some parts of your PVE armor for PVP you can have a full PVE set + a full PVP set at this point.

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Yes but did you recover from your stroke?

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