No Patch Notes? 10th June UTC 2022

Hey, so the servers are down for maintenance and this is all of the information I can find about it:

Is that right? Am I missing something?

It is probably just to switch the Double XP off.

Probably, but actual communication about that would be cool.

Previous [Downtime], [Maintenance] and other similar threads at least mention what the downtime is for even if they don’t specifically do a release notes post or article for it.

2 hours for shutting down double xp

AGS shows us its professional skills again

Im getting the shakes and the sweats aleady whats going on? has it been 2hrs yet? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

double xp didn’t need a patch to activate so why does it need one to deactivate? Something is up here.

what is this horseshit? 40mb patch with no details?

Are they putting the bow hit box back to the normal size? They shrank it ninja style.

Und wieder genau zu Beginn des Wochenendes:-( Können die dies nicht unter der Woche oder besser geschrieben Nachts durchführen?

I’m glad, I was almost enjoying retrying the game, but I felt like it really just needed to be more tedious.

NW database says: it`s 1 player online on Tartarus server

Must be farming all that sweet ori by itself xD

There’s 100% chance that’s QA/QC making sure “everything works”

This has been addressed now, thankyou @Sandovall ! [Maintenance] June 10th, 2022 - #2 by Sandovall

No crafting xp? hellu

They just posted notes in the dev tracker.

I don’t speak Nerd. What is an Empower Clamp?

“Clamping” is just ensuring a certain value doesn’t exceed (or fall below) a specific target value or range. Sounds like Empower was able to exceed a 50% damage buff, and now it can’t.

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