No pre-order items, no drop items etc

What am I missing?

I’m connected to Twitch and Amazon, am subscribed to prime gaming… Claimed the drops… no pirate skin or play money

I is confuzzled and disappoint.

for the skins right click on a clothing slot then pick change skins. Not sure on the store money.

Yes, thank you I am aware of that. This is why i am here, they are not.

Did you relink after launch? I was confused at first too, but my problem was that my links upon launch disconnected. Once I went back in and signed back in through steam things fed through how they were supposed to.

Last I checked it was all good. I shall have another look.

The coins are displayed in the “STORE” sub-menu of the ESC menu

The weapon and armor skins are SKINS, not items. You right-click an equipped gear item and select “Change Skin”

Managed to find the pirate skin. Was an additional claim process on pgaming site.

I have played the game both/beta’s I aware how skins etc work. The pre release skins aren’t there, Twitch drops are all claimed in my twitch Inventory but not to be found in game.

I do as you kindly suggest, the items aren’t where you and I expect.

Thanks anyway, I shall try support as well.

also, make sure steam account is linked aswell.

I have everything linked and I bought the Deluxe version of the game. I also played in the alpha. I created a couple of characters yesterday, but there are no titles, no skins, nothing available.

Reconnected steam while the server was down, seemed to do the trick, or maintenance did.

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