No reason to defend territories

On my server, my faction does not defend our territories. We, as a faction, rarely lose wars when defending, so there is no reason to try and stop our enemies from flipping a zone. We will beat them in the war and get loot, gold, and azoth. Similarly, there is often no incentive to flip a zone unless your company is trying to control it. You can spend hours flipping a zone for another company and all you get are some faction tokens, which are basically useless.

How do you fix this? A reasonable option, at least to me, is provide loot chests every 25% a zone is flipped. This would apply to attackers and defenders. If green is pushing a purple zone and the zone starts at 0% green, green players would get 4 loot chests if they fully flip the zone as long as they do at least one quest in each 25% interval. Similarly, purple, the defenders, would get loot chests every 25% they take back. These chests need to contain 3 to 5 items and have a reasonable chance to increase players watermark.

Additionally, you could make faction tokens more useful. There could be random daily weapons/armor for sale at the faction vendor and/or predetermined weekly items. Basically just let the faction vendor sell something people will want.

Or try some other idea to encourage people to flip/defend zones because the system is flawed right now.

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