No resources is SO stupid

Running around looking for resources that are never there makes this game SUCK period. Raise the timers and individualize them. WORST part of this game is RUNNING ACROSS THE ENTIRE MAP for 2+ hours FINDING NOTHING YOU’RE LOOKING FOR BECAUSE ONE PERSON HAS COME BY BEFORE YOU AND EVERYTHING IS GONE. Whoever thought that competing for resources in this game was a good idea is braindead beyond help. Wasting time on a game is supposed to be fun, this is infuriating.


Ok, can you be more specific ? Are talking about harvesting or chest resources ? Because both can be found in plenty of spots around the world.


What is stupid is to think you should have access to everything all the time.


It would improve gathering alot if the would fix resource tracking with the compass

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Good rule of thumb. If someone publishes a “route”. Chances are people will be living the same life of the sheep that you are.

Keep running those routes while I am getting resources


Obviously gathering materials, especially end game ones. 3 hours for 3 iron wood trees is a garbage experience.

Maybe you should retitle to no ironwood available.

Half the remaining player base is afk sitting on orichalcum veins all day long. When end game content is fighting other players for resources the game is bound to die plain and simple, no one wants to deal with that, it’s not a fun mechanic.

The game has been DoA, by being converted into a casual mixed mode game, and is still being beaten with turning casual ever more each week.

100% this, If i see a route get posted, I just go to the opposite side of the world and do my own thing and walk away with the resources i wanted!


Start to realize this game is not for you. Move on. Why spread all this negativity?

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It’s not a bad game other than a few idiotic mistakes made by people with the foresight of a toddler. Anyone with 1/4 of a brain could have known that shared resources is just plain dumb.

It’s not a single player game. It’s an open world MMO. Therefore you have to play against others that could come before you and gather stuff. If it’s not for you- no one is pushing you to play it.

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Nah not dumb at all. Early game you’re going to have issues. Late game likely most of them will go unused. The real issue is the lack of content elsewhere. Plenty of the gatherers are gathering because there isn’t much else left worth farming. If AGS would have made more expeditions and made them easier to access that would cut down a lot of the gatherers.

Personalized loot is just stupid honestly and goes against what a MMO is, a large number of players working together or against each other in a shared world. Make everything personalized and it might as well be a single player RPG or something like division.

It’s a pc game, there’s always gonna be people who sit afk to farm rare things, making the gameplay for people actually playing suffer, anyone who games knows this. The system used now promotes this camping garbage playstyle and hurts the actual player base. Like I said anyone with a portion of a brain could have seen this being an issue but not Amazon.

I went to complete my one of my collect quest for armor and there was a orch being right there . I set up a campfire grabbed the ore and began my quest. Some fellow walked by and attacked my tent out of frustration…

To him it appeared I was camping the 4 veins In that area.

Yet I was gone an hour later after I finished my quest

He probably spent the last 2 hours looking around pointlessly. How would people not be frustrated?

Well he left the cave. Apparently he didn’t want to fight for them and he was same level I was. For me I just grab tier V resources when I see them so when I can actually use them I already have some in place.

There’s also a bug that sometimes resources don’t appear until you exit the game and come back, but other people can see them, so if you don’t know about the bug and re-log you’ll never actually see the nodes.

I get the sentiment. You have 5k gold just hanging Around taking up space and inventory and there is no platinum to be farmed in masse same for iron wood and orichveliun. The. It’s all the over the market being sold by people who got to it before you did

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