No-RNG crafting and How to maintain a good Gear economy

RNG crafting has many unforseen symptoms; the most recent example being the outrage in response to the light armor changes to defensive perks like resilience and shirking fort.
While balance changes are the name of the game of any live service game with pvp elements, the primary reason why there is so much resistance to balance changes(e.g. heavy-med armor healing nerf, upcoming light armor defensive perks nerf) is because crafting a BIS item is really difficult. It’s no surprise really that just crafting or buying one BIS item costs hundreds of thousands of gold.
This arises from multiple sources:

  1. Rng in obtaining the crafting components like squirming vines
  2. The 1 in 6 crafting chance of a legendary from 595 to 600 crafting and
  3. The most obvious: the RNG involved in getting a desirable 3rd perk in case of a legendary.

A simple solution to solve this issue involves

  1. Firstly, reducing the rng of obtaining components (like squirming vines) by limiting their drop to a single area for each component. Basically any chests in a given area will drop only one component. There’s plently of areas in New world to cover all of the components.
  2. Secondly, just introduce a way to craft a no-rng 3 perk legendary. For example introduce another item that gives the choice of 3rd perk when used with Runestone stopwatch(make stopwatch give 600 gs item).

How to stop gear economy stagnacy?
This can be done by modifying gear repairs and making gear take permanent damage over time. Essentially, only repair kits can restore durability but not to a 100%. So eventually each BIS will need to be replaced. Once the gear is destroyed completely , it can be deconstructed to extract a fixed amount of valuable components (1 squiriming vine, 2 asmodeum for example). This idea can also create a new tradeskill: Deconstructor or Salvager. This will create a constant sink for gear thus keeping crafters relevant and BIS gear still valuable. As a bonus, repair kits will actually be worth it.
Now, obviously the cost of crafting a bis should be low enough that the incoming and outgoing bis gear is roughly equal.

The major benefit of such a system is:

  1. Crafting actually feels like a worthwhile investment rather than a tool for self-inflicting pain :smiling_face_with_tear:
  2. Balance changes will attract less outrage because people will be able to easily change their gear.
  3. Encourage the exploration of new builds rather than everyone just sticking to whatever’s meta.
  4. Maintains a good gear economy that allows more people to get good gear without making crafters eventually irrelevant.

Tl;Dr Make BIS gear very easy to craft by removing all rng and add a permanent degradation mechanic to gear that keeps crafters relvant for replacing fully degraded BIS gear.


big +1!

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Add selling used gear. By allowing this, and with what u re saying the same tool, weap, armor will have different price based on its repair possibilities.

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Yeah, I was thinking something along have tiers of salvage parts obtained based on durability (<25%, <50%, <75%)and quality of the original item. Durability would determine quantity, and quality would determine the tier/rarity of components received.

Changing Resilient value on light armor is like dropping a nuclear bomb on the game and killing everyone’s gear. The developers are basically telling me the thousands of hours I spent making my set over the last 6 months is worthless. Its nuts Its nuts these developers are crazy. Light armor does not need a resilient nerf people kill me just fine when I wear light armor. They seem disconnected with PVP reality.

I disagree we should not be able to pick all 3 perks for crafting an item. That would basically make trading any item for gold worthless and make every item worth nothing.

I disagree that items should be destroyed due to use. Many people have multiple sets or armor for a variety of activities it would be impossible to put enough time in to maintain and constantly replace multiple sets of armor. The time cost would be insane you would be stuck in a PVE crafting loop Not good at all.

Crafting is fine the way it is. Just don’t drop a nuke on my light armor. Otherwise I would probably just leave and play something else.

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See, it exactly what I’m saying. The light armor changes will like a nuclear bb because bis gear is so hard to obtain. And no gear trading won’t be worthless because people will keep needing to replace their bis gear once it gets permanently destroyed.

People will not keep replacing there gear they will quit the game because they don’t want to be stuck in this endless insane PVE loop. The way to keep the PVE loop going to release new content.

How do you think the heavy and medium armor healers felt when they got the nerf? It was obviously necessary in case of heavy healers since they were basically immortal. That still didn’t change the fact that lot of them had to replace their bis gear

People are still stuck anyway. The light armor changes will force more people to quit compared to if we had a similar system above.

NOOOOO don’t nerf resilient on light armor. Changes are not done yet.

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People still do dungeons and pvp after they get bis, bro. Its still a loop but they still do it because they find the game enjoyable

Nuking is bad. Nuking is terrible. Don’t use nukes.

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I hope they don’t but honestly they seemed pretty determined in their dev blog.

I have other options I can play star wars survivor, diablo 4 maybe even Dragon age 4 this year.
If they want to nuke there game I can move on. Don’t Do it.