No server merge annoncement. We need transfer token then

As the title says, We need transfer token (with restriction mention in official post) if you dont plan to merge

I cant play my main character since then and now my alt is way more devellopped than my old main. I had both character 60 under a month after the launch and cant still play with my main guild. My main (old) 60 is in a dead server. I dont need to say much more about that as it is well documented in other posts.

Its becoming a real issue at the momment. With all the rage going on the forum and other social platform, i remain silent and patient while waiting. Why not 2 transfer token for account that had 2 heroes ? Right now my patience is growing short. This situation is unacceptable. As mention some player were exploiting transfer token but you mention that you can give transfer token only for establish character… then do so as fast as possible if your not even planning to merge server soon

Note : i wasent able to transfer my main with the main guild because i had my other 60 in the same server cluster to the target world we were moving. So i transfer my alt while waiting to get another free transfer or buy one.


I agree

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