No token for moving to another server

Hello again @OneTimee and @LeonardoCS7! :cat2:

Thank you for all the information, I already checked both accounts.

For you @OneTimee the problem is that you created your character after November 22, that’s the reason you don’t see a free token under your account.

And for you @LeonardoCS7 checking your account I see that you received a free token on October 20 and it was used on November 07.

Unfortunately at this time we cannot provide another token but stay tuned to the official news section in case we have any announcements about server transfers.

I hope this information helps. :cat:

Thank you for the information. And one more question, there is no way that you as support hero can move me to another server ? Also a question from my side, can you still request at this stage to change the server connection plan so that Wachusette is connected to Karkan ?


great i guess it was used to transfer from Corbinec to Corbinec with i never did. thats a bug in your system. cant you tell where characters transferred to and from because if you look at the Log in records of LeonardoCS7 they should say ‘Corbinec’ every time.


Ive made the same thread and had no response. I posted it in bugs aned exploits. I was a player since the game came out. But I dont have a token
Username Sihtric Kjartan
World: EU Central Kioram. I wanted to go to Amenti because my friends are there and kioram is dead.

Hello Adventurers! :world_map:

@OneTimee I would like to help you but unfortunately at this moment I don’t have the ability to move characters to another server. :crying_cat_face:

@LeonardoCS7 I’m going to escalate this issue to check exactly what happen with your transfer token, any update I let you know in this same topic.

@Foxay I’m going to check as well your issue with the transfer token and any update I let you know.

Thank you for your understanding and we’ll see you in Aeternum! :earth_americas:


Understanding. I have a request, could you please make a request on my behalf to a higher level of support/game management - that they consider my request individually for a manual character transfer to the Wachusette server ?

I would be extremely grateful. I would like to play with friends.

Thank you in advance.


Thank you

Now after merging the servers - I see that I can’t make a new character either, because I have to delete the current one.

This is some kind of joke. I insist on moving my character to the Wachusette server ( currently Bran ). Otherwise I stop playing. This makes no sense, and I don’t believe support can’t move my character. This is a basic action for such an IT department.

I understand why the tokens were withdrawn, but I don’t want to spoil the market, game, etc in any way.

You can even take away all my equipment just to transfer my character to my friends.

I demand that you transfer my character or request a higher authority to do so on my behalf.

I’d like to add that I feel a little discriminated in this situation, because it looks like those who started playing before November 22 could make a “mistake”, but those who started playing after November 22 couldn’t ?

The date of starting the game determines such an important bonus ? Well, that’s very poor Amazon.

I want to speak to the CEO of Amazon, please connect me.

No, kidding, I don’t want to, please transfer me.

I find myself on the verge of nervous exhaustion… :frowning:

@Lyon Get up! Waste of a day and today is a beautiful day. Let’s move my character together! It’s going to be awesome!

i feel your pain ive spent hours talking to devs for over a week, we’re in this together @OneTimee

Eh :frowning: Not anymore… I’m playing again… but the distaste will remain :frowning: Good luck! Maybe you will succeed. Greetings.

don’t worry my distaste is that i cant find a company or a group due to a language barrier and and i just lost 2.5k gold worth of motes in a world merge yesterday. the whole transfer market from my old world was deleted, probably some expensive legendary trophy components as well. millions down the drain :frowning:


I also have the same issue. I’ve been playing since release date and all my friends have received the token but I can’t find it in the shop, its empty. My server got merged already I don’t know if its an issue?

Character name : Vipkill3r
Server : Barri

I wish you guys/girls much success in coming to an agreement with the support department. They haven’t helped me, but I’m rooting for you.

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hello, I was wondering if there has been an update on my issue since its been over 3 days??


guess nothing is happening then… not supprised

Hello Again! :mage:

I apologize for the late response @LeonardoCS7 ,@OneTimee, @Vipkill3r.
We double check and the team is aware of this issue but unfortunately at this moment we are unable to provide new transfer tokens or move characters.

The good news is that the team is working on it and we are currently planning to release a second round of transfer tokens in early 2022. This may change depending on the feedback and data we receive.

You can find more information in the link below:

I hope this information helps. :cat:

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