No trading = No dungeons

Losing out on 50% of our content right now :frowning:

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It is lame, but way less lame than cheaters getting ahead through dupes.

That’s already happened and bots are running 24/7 AFK no punishment so things are coming into the game for ‘free’ already.

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I don’t charge for spots with my orbs and I don’t pay for spots in others. I refuse to pay 1k a slot for laz or gen when it’s a team effort and everyone involved is doing the same content and getting the same rewards.

Surely you have company members or can craft your own orbs? No one in your company should be charging so you should be able to do 10+ orbs a day easy enough without buying.

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another day another dupe on the soap opera “As The New World Turns”. LOLOLOLOLOL

trading post is disabled AGAIN?

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The trading post still works does it not??

Think about it………

We just used that to buy one

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Onward to victory!!!

What you be trading?

Well I suppose if you’re one of the dimwits dumb enough to pay for dungeon run or one of the jerkoffs charging for dungeon running neither of those is running. If you’re just a normal person then I don’t see where p2p trading has anything to do with it.

People dont buy spots for Genesis and Laz orbs on your server?

Seems like a very common practice sir.

Yes they do any it’s complete idiocy.

Care to elaborate?

No elaboration is needed. It’s simple stupidity to expect payment from team members to do a fucking dungeon run. Whoever came up with that concept is a complete and utter moron to the highest level!

Well, im sure you can find 4 people to run with you on your orb, but due to the cost of them, yah, the 4 people I run with will be kicking $$ in.

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