No Trophy Fix in 24th November Downtime?

Trophies untradeable for a week now so i and many other people sitting here waiting for it to be reenabled no eta or information given from AGS customer service absoloutely abysmal wont even give us an eta on when they will bring back a major part of the little end game that they have this is becoming an absoloute joke just give everyone the trophies at this point.


I think from today’s update (about tax being reduced 90%) it’s clear that they’re not going to have a fix for it until their big December release. So probably in a couple weeks.

thats just not good enough

Well it’s not like one of the most Grindy and profitable professions are completely disabled for more than a week

Oh, wait.


Yea I agree and I’m positive whatever “fix” they’re going to have for it isn’t going to work anyways. The game is so fundamentally broken that I don’t think they will ever fix the issues that are plaguing it right now.

They didn’t turn off Armor trading when everyone was duping voidbent, but furnishers are getting the shaft for 2 weeks to a month? Glad, I spent so much time farming, grinding, and spending to have a completely useless profession!


it’s almost like there’s a reason other companies don’t release large patches right before a holiday break…hmm naw must be coincidence

The problem here is that by NOT fixing furniture the Devs are picking winners and losers. Not being able to transfer furniture means that those who have reached 200 lose nothing but everyone else is screwed.


Is the downtime even happening now?

…has it really only been a week?

The void has definitely been consuming my sense of time.

I do hope the trophy fix is a secret fix in this patch.

suprise suprise servers back up and furniture still not fixed and still no word on when absoloutely fucking atrocious

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