No update on trophies and chest still?

Absolutely nothing mentioned on being able to trade chest or trophies yet. That’s bad.


There is a workaround for putting chests into your storage shed if you want to get rid of them from inventory…
just try to place them in a house where already the max amount of chests is placed.
they will vanish from your inventory and pop up in your shed :wink:
you are welcome.

PS: not tried yet if this works with other furniture as well, but probably yes.

And the disabling of Harvesting Elemental animals. Can you beleive they disabled it and just went on a weeks holiday ?


yes i can believe that. its AGS we are talking about…
reducing the drop amount would have been wayyyy to easy of a solution…
and wyrdwood would still drop…
they could not allow that of course and miss the next opportunity to piss of their playerbase.

Also no mention on WS pants drop rate, they better be pushing 1.0.6 tonight with some fixes beyond just this.

The notes for todays downtime are already up. Surprise Surprise, that literally out of the 3 things on it none are the big fixes people have been waiting for.

I understand some servers have been effected by the jump in time going forward which of course should be fixed asap.

However, the stuff effecting the rest of the player base has been ignored entirely with this patch.

Now we won’t see anything until after the holidays I’d imagine.

Maybe just try to think a bit further: Disabling it is something they can do on server side easily. No restart/maintenance needed. Fixing the amount on client/server needs actually a patch because your client version also needs to now about the change. Otherwise it will be wrong numbers shown.

if this is implemented like that… god save us all…
client side hacks incoming (like a lot!)

Since the devs are on holiday since posting the above blog 3 and still seems to be, I’m much surprised we get anything at all this week. That there are none of the things people really want should be no suprise since every single patch was like that.

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