No, we dont need FRESH servers with transfers DISABLED

Ppl be like: omgs AGS you need to create new servers and disable transers :'(( !!

There is no such thing as “new start” experience.
People want to feel like they have a chance to “be the best - NOW.” Imagine having to grind gear, WM, shards, and professions because you quit when you were level 30, and those who didn’t quit are already maxed out. The “fresh” servers would end up dead because those who demanded new servers will realize they can’t be the top dogs in a few weeks, so they will quit and whine for new servers. This “fresh” server will be about the same in a month as the rest of the servers.

It is the exact same thing as V Rising - people join new server, realize they fell behind, and switch/demand a new server.

They should just increase server capacities instead of trying to fulfill someone’s insecurity.

Edit 1: They cut exp required by ton about two months ago. And now, they are doing it AGAIN. It takes way less time to get to 60 than it used to be. Are you going to demand new servers in a week? What is stopping you from joining current servers?

Imagine I went to ESO and demanded a new server so I can experience all the fresh start experience. (That does NOT make any sense). In every MMO, there will be someone with more time or more money or skill, and they will be better than you. Yes, in every single MMO. Fresh start wont fix these problems for you.


I disagree. Pvping while lvling in open world was fun. Only happens on fresh servers.


true, still need new server which are open

They literally are redoing the leveling experience from 1-30 and will likely do 30-60 next.

With an the other changes and new weapons, it will feel like a new game. Fresh start requests are fine.

Even better… Fresh start PvP server (the only way I’d start over).


I read the title wrong and came in here to shit all over you.

To add to your points, there would be hundreds of actually new players who didn’t realize they joined the “nostalgia” server or the “lets race to see if we can be the alpha tribe, then quit when we fail” server who would end up on an empty server in 6 weeks and have a miserable NW experience.


I think new players, players that never made it to level 60 or players who specifically quit because of dupes/exploits would enjoy starting over on fresh servers without having to deal with insurmountable wealth/gear discrepancies.

Additionally, with the purposed war changes, it will be unlikely people will be able to amass huge sums of wealth, at least not to the same degree as current live servers. Consequently, fresh start servers without transfers would likely remain more fair long term as well.


This 100%. New levelling experience is a bonus.

I left because I grinded to near gold cap until I realised EF WW owners earns my whole 1.6k hours grind in one day of taxes. How is that balanced? Add in dupers and bots too.


These servers would only remain “fresh” for a month, if not a few weeks. Its niave to think otherwise.

And after that, its a server waiting for 80% of its pop to stop playing their alts or to realize the reason they quit wasn’t those 4 dupers who quit 9 months ago and still have their duped money on their account.


The only reason is that devs dont give that option. In a game where it have been a few dupes, company filled with many shell companys with gold and gold in general have no value there is a valid reason for a fresh start.

When we take in count the changes that are comming soon to both land, company and wars its even makes more sense.

If a lvl 55 player with 10k gold return to a server where one item can sell for over one million. How long would it take that person to get full BIS?

Also this is not only for returning players, there is also many players that want that fresh start. My self have 1800h in this game and i would love a fresh start where we have a chance to be equal. Atleast for a wile.


We need both tbh.


Ok that only happens the first week. What then? Another fresh server? :sweat_smile:

This! A hundred times thisss

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Think you nailed it. The dupes and all basically nuked any hope of people enjoying large scale pvp on a fresh server. Having a new one pop up would currently feel amazing.


If he plays every day, for one build, maybe 6 weeks. It’s soooo crazy easy by now

It’s interesting that the dupes and early exploits are brought up so much, I think mega companies and EF/WW owners having so much of the server money has had a clearly larger impact on the game and creating such a large discrepancy between the groups of players. You can argue that it helped some get to that position and hold it, but I think it’s more of the territory system itself that does more harm.

I think having fresh start servers is a cool idea, but I would say let’s get them up and running after they make adjustments to the territory system.

I also think disabling transfers permanently is a huge mistake. It will eventually fragment the community. We only a year in and shouldn’t be doing the whole Old School/Classic divide this early! I do think that having ones that have a temporary 6 month transfer block would be really cool. As others have said it really creates a cool feeling. People can level up while PVP’ing and it gives a completely different feeling than starting a new account when everyone else on the server is lvl 60+


Hard pass on the current servers. Once they complete the revamped storyline 1-60 theres absolutely no reason to not open up new servers.


We need new sever at least with these queues.if there isnt by the brimstone patch its going to be like launch day all over agian.

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Yeah thinking they just need some regular servers at this point, the temporally no transfer fresh start servers can happen in the future when they fix some of the territory ownership issues.


I disagree, they really only need to have 1 server per region as a fresh start server, have the expansion patch on tuesday and if more servers are needed, maybe tuesday night or wednesday morning add more fresh start/extra servers to handle any increased population.

This new patch is already drumming up hype, they are also reworking the beginning experience which i think could be fun. You still get to keep your main account but can use your second character to start on the fresh server, if you dont like it log out.

Create new servers? What do you mean exactly, as if they are exactly the same as the existing ones, why would anyone create a new character and all the lvling up just to be the same as they were?

If they are going to be different then it would mean 2 dev teams or at least 2 different development streams, for which the argument against is the same as dedicated PvP servers.