No, we dont need FRESH servers with transfers DISABLED

People are excited at the thought of fresh start servers and several content creators are pushing for them and hyping their communities. You all are being mum about it so multiple threads continue to be opened on it. Can you please comment on if it’s even being considered at this point?

Exactly. People that want this are largely content creator (and their followers) and people who want to relive launch but a tually good. The problem is that the former are notoriously bad about zerging and leaving and the latter wont play past that launch rush. For the rest of the players, they are going to gets screwed. The ones that actually want to build a community and play long term will get excited about the fresh start and get burned by it after yall have gotten your jollies off and move on. Its better to have it all connected so that everyone is in it together.

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I still don’t understand why we should cater to people who stopped the game 8 months ago and somehow DEMANDING a fresh server to come back. Everyone talking about dupe items / gold saying it’s why everyone who still playing are ahead are totally CLueless. The Early dupe have close to NO effect on the economy actually. I see ALOT of low lvl players in current servers , you can start a new character and flag on the current server. Anyways this topic is like talking to a deaf man. EVERYONE who plays the game atm knows that a fresh server will be dead in 1 or 2 months max, you all saying I enjoy pvp while leveling bla-bla, what about after 2 weeks you hit 60 and now expertise come to play, are you guys going to ask for a fresh server also ? I’m glad AGS not responding to Thoses non-sense topics

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Don’t waste your time explaining this anymore.
we know that in december you will see those new servers almost empty and being merged.
Many of those who want to fresh server are veterans in the game, they will only raise their pj to level 60 and then leave that PJ forgotten, because they already have a maxed pj on another server.

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The best part is all the people left on the fresh start servers ( however many are able to be retained) will have to come to “legacy” servers, once they shutter - so really it will be a gigantic waste of time for everyone involved.


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Stop the debate and the hate, it’s confirmed we’re getting new fresh start no xfer servers :slight_smile:


These posts are always made by insecure players that don’t have any valid points against a fresh server. For some reason, you are concerned about the population health of this server which you think wouldn’t be popular, even though many veteran players and new players are interested in, and you also think that AGS couldn’t just merge the server if the population did become an issue, like the hundred other server merges they have done in the past.

This is pretty pathetic and I’d suggest to you that you should enjoy playing on your server and not get so worked up about an additional server that would be needed anyway once the new territory is released. The new servers that did have transfers allowed had a nice number of new players starting out and flagging up for PvP, but then had level 60 transfers come over to the new players and kill them in PvP repeatedly. While this is pretty pathetic and they immediately unflagged whenever another level 60 flagged was nearby, it discouraged new players from engaging in open world pvp due to toxic existing players, like yourself, ruining the new game experience for new players.

The only reason a player like yourself would be against a fresh server is because you want to transfer to this server to grief new players, since population decline isn’t an issue as AGS has merged servers a million times already.


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Nah it’s totally fair for them to want fresh servers. They want to be a part of forming a servert community from scratch again. Not hop in and have to compete with 3k hour characters that have bis gear for every build and gold cap.

Totally fair. I hope they get it


the problem with high levels killing low levels will probably always exists even if they open a new server no transfers tomorrow.
with PVP or any competitive game , people are toxic and that’s how it is:)

This will be obtained within the first month. Without question.

So really that point is invalid. Unless we just keep having fresh start servers endlessly like a nightmarish ground hog day.

Cheers <3


Any point can be made invalid if you only quote a tiny part of an entire sentence to control the narrative.

Yeah bis will be obtained sometime during existence. That is no valid argument against a fresh start server is it?

And that is the job of AGS to see what mechanism they use so that this does not happen. The old skill combat system worked perfectly in that sense in my opinion.

Well then its not an MMO anymore its basically Rust 2.0 or medieval tarkov.

Cheers Jiggly :beers:

No it’s not haha.

But in any case fresh start servers are pretty much confirmed. I bet that must eat you up.

Next up will probably be pvp servers.

Then after that maybe we get seasonal servers too.

Oh. The joy!

Cheers my good friend :sunglasses::+1:


Oh… okay…

On the contrary, I cannot wait to be proven correct - Again.

Thanks and Cheers to you as well! :smile:

killing a player 5 levels lower would block your gold and XP income for 1 hour, and its scales exponentially… would be funny to see:)

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fresh server are but we dont know anything…there is a chance they make it new players only (cant create if you had any characters before) :slight_smile:

PVP servers are not happening anytime soon

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We will see

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