No, we dont need FRESH servers with transfers DISABLED

Reading comprehension helps. Let me help you:

I stated reason why people left the game. And a FS could bring those people back again becaues the majority is fixed.

i didnt reply to you, reading comprehension helps btw

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I have 2 sets of full bis and more than gold cap before I left 6 months ago. But what’s the point when that 1.6k of playing time is dwarfed by companies who can earn that in 3 days.

This guy is just trolling in the middle of the day. Says enough to this high ego gatekeepers. Lmao.


the guy who thinks he deserves as much gold as 50 peoples work is saying i have an ego
and btw, i have 0 fucking gold becausee i dont give a shit about it, so fix your jealousy please


I really think fresh start servers would struggle. The nostalgia you all have of a fresh launch wouldn’t exist.

Now, I support anything that brings in new people with a fair chance. But it won’t be a fair chance, full companies will create alts. With the new exp system people will be 60 in a week. You think that super skilled pvper is going to be equal to you now due to a fresh start? You’re going to get wiped across the floor… In fact, I think the majority of the pvp people calling for a fresh server / pvp only are just looking for fresh killing fields with a very low skill floor.

Again, do one, would love to see new people and people come back under the illusion of “it’s gonna be fair now”… But it’s not going to work out the way you think it’s going to.

you dont understand 3rd grade level economy

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Server wouldn’t remain fresh but maybe a few days because of bots and town income they would snowball. Town income should be removed so everyone is on the same playing field and to stop rmt and make crafting easy for a solo player to get full bis.

i know a lot of people who sell gold and not a single one of them gets their gold from towns
are people here ever gonna stop spreading misinformation about topics they have no clue about lmao

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You know there’s a reason why they’re nerfing territory income really hard? I’m a pvp player who min max my way to the top without relying on a Zerg company. I left because my grind wasn’t even close to how ridiculously imbalance the income from EF WW was. Not to mention bots and rmt everywhere. Dupes. IG exploit in wars. I’m not alone in this. Good pvpers will always be good.

damn look at this god pvper over here who hasnt been in a war since october
were you also one of those dumbasses calling everyone who used IG, one of the most popular weapons an exploiter?





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Fresh start servers are not a bad idea. Some people just want to start the game, flag up and have a good time. And not be smashed by 625 turbo wardogs all day at forts.

Would it eventually end up that way? Sure. But they could always open another fresh start.

The thing is, the people who fresh started and gave the game another chance will likely want to stay on their server and build connections. And have the choice to move out to a more competitive server if they like. Or not.

And this only adds to the games overall population and is good for the game. There’s no reason to allow transfers TO a fresh start server. And it’s not “taking away” from your already capped servers.

They could absolutely stand to have some new servers, and they could totally stand to have one fresh start only server per region. It would just be good for the game.


yeah not really, even my friends who abused it have extra 2 chars in same world (thanks for merging) and on both other alts guilds are almost filled with gold, and they just dont know where to put it anymore.
and yes… i am just the middleman :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully soon i will be their bank also hehe

Sounds fake honestly.

Sure. Why not?

that still doesnt have a large effect on overall economy


I see… Kudos then :slight_smile:

na you just don’t want more server is all clearly

all you are worried about is tax money