No word about azoth vials

why isnt there a word about vials?


Because you dont deserve vials.

just got 19k :frowning:

:frowning: Only hope for this game to survive is if they change the engine. Large update = bugs, like building a house of cards, a small change makes the whole thing go down.

@Luxendra @Aenwyn

We need vials of Azoth re-enabled. I can’t perform any crafting because I can’t use them. Please help us


Fix azoth or turn it back on with log-in warning to not salvage stacks over 1. COME ON! give’s you more time to fix and we can still use it.!


If they got the patch checked out for azoth vials, they will install it during the downtime. it wouldn’t be the first time they snuck in a major fix to a patch during the downtime.

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Can we please get an answer regarding Azoth vials?



still nothing?

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best costumer service indeed

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