Nobody coming back to grind for days/weeks

Ags needs to really start adding a catch-up mechanic or nobody will bother coming back to the game.

I cant recommend any of my friends to play that havent already because they’re so far behind it wouldnt be worth their time.

I made a suggestion Here and i realize that isnt enough either. In addition to that post maybe even double the expertise bump during the event.

Ags really needs to sit down and discuss what it takes to bring players back and actually do it. We need more depth for longer.

We need a massive content patch with a ton of stuff to do and my hopes are the new zone will be a start of that. Pvp arenas are great but need to be worth it cause currently they arent. But i enjoy them alot! The game is getting better but now we need to get players back!

PLEASE AGS hit me in a dm we can talk :lips:


The expertise system really detours a lot of new players. But thats just the tip of the iceberg really… What they need is a survey or some sort of thing to ask the players what they don’t enjoy about the game and go from there.


Yeah, the expertise system was a real punch in the gut, and it was delivered at exactly the perfect time to alienate vast numbers of players. I’m sure the developers viewed it as them adding content to the game, but to the players it just felt like someone moved the goalpost right as they got it in sight.

I think it speaks to the main issue with this game, which is that it’s not developed specifically to be “fun”. Whatever leadership structure they have at AGS has prioritized other design considerations for this game. There’s just so much about this game that, as you begin to organize your efforts and focus your goals, takes the wind out of your sails when you think it through to the end. “Ok, I’m going to grind out this crafting skill by farming all of these mats so that I can grind out more mats to get RNG crapped on over and over again.” Repeat for any activity in the game.

Anyway, it would be great if they prioritized fun in this game, but I don’t see that happening. Corporate culture is relatively static in most companies, and I don’t see any push to change their design ethos.


They’ve had plenty of feedback but are reluctant to listen and implement fixes that might bring players back.

RNG gearing is terrible, specifically crafting (allow stat pick & 2 perks)
Expertise system is a time gate (just remove it)
Tuning orbs are another time gate (remove them)
Make the game free to play (currently a barrier of entry for many)
Put a level boost in the cash shop for a fair price (this will generate some revenue and allow players to jump right into the end game)
Territory wars create allot of problems, toxicity and gold generation are just 2 of them (remove or reinvent)

I could go on but you can find suggestions like these all over the forums. I’ve played almost every MMO since the first Everquest and believe that New World could have been a good one but they have so far to go and it might be too late, short of a second release like FF14 did.

Maybe the expansion in the fall is a chance to re-release the game “so to speak”, they just need to get things in order before then and do another marketing push like they did at release with some big streamers.


Honestly, from everyone i’ve spoken to that quit and people who’ve never played the game it’s a Reputation issue.

Everyone who’s heard of it, and tried it earlier only know about the early duping, bugs and lack of content. And just won’t shake those facts.

The game has really come a long way in my opinion, and for the few i’ve gotten to come back they were turned around and actually enjoy the changes.

Otherwise, the reviews are so bad on steam i think it deters a lot of people from trying it, or returning.

I think it’s going to take time, and positive reviews from newcomers over that time to turn it around personally.

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This 100%, remove the friction, remove the time gates/barriers, make the game fun and rewarding to play. I’m not saying make everything easy but after spending hundreds of hours gathering and crafting only to get shit on by the RNG gods 99% of the time it’s just bad design imo (this is only one of the problems that drove me away). The games environments, sounds and combat (for the most part) are great, it’s just too bad most of the systems have you pulling your hair out.


I mean they did do a free weekend to try the game but the amount of people that “tried it” was not abundant. Yes i think the reviews on steam a good portion of why steers people away. I know i’ve had people ask me how the game is and frankly i tell them check it out when it goes free or in a year when more changes have been made.

But sadly with all the changes its still Time gate after time gate.


I agree about all of the time gates. Like, I KNOW they were trying to strike a balance between casual and hardcore gaming by introducing limits. I see it now with the new salt/xp for PVP by having 3 hours worth of high gain, then 25% of that after you hit the cap.

Similar to “Rested XP” in other games.

But it’s on everything, everything is gated. Gyspum was a nice addition to expertise, aaaaaaand they gated it to one item type per day.

Like that kind of stuff just really rubs the wrong way.

I say, if someone really wants to sweat it out to max, let them. You are not going to convince them to stay longer by just adding more gates.

That’s what a lot of it is, many of the systems they added were just leg weights on already existing systems to slow people down artificially.


I don’t think people are going to come back anyways. Damage has been done.

The expertise/gypsum systems are just coats of paint over a crumbling wall. The overall gearing/itemization system just doesn’t feel good. It’s grindy in the worst way (in a way that’s inherently tied to massive rng).


Yep. There is not much rewarding feeling anywhere in game in fact. All is RNG.

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I’ll parrot the same thing I’ve been saying since they changed core combat mechanics in 2020.

The grind doesn’t feel like a grind if the combat is engaging.

They changed the combat to be less punishing and more zerg/MMO friendly rather than Souls-like and it’s failed to capture player attention ever since. It’s a core design problem. Now people just rush through things, AoE them down as quickly as possible, pick up their bags of loot and move on to the next boring encounter. There’s no thought, no danger, no risk, just grind.


The expertise mechanic is clearly made to slow players down. PvPers especially were just doing everything possible to get to max level everything instead of playing the game.

At launch, instead of flagging up and playing the game, they unflagged and went to farm bears in a cave.
Instead of getting drops or crafting gear, they bought RMT money and paid-to-win buying gear off the Trading Post.

Circumventing the game like this is ultimately what brought Expertise in – you can’t buy it with RMT and it’s time gated so you cant just get a group together and zerg it all in one day (although you can still zerg elite zones, making them a complete joke).
And thanks to exploiters and cheaters, everyone’s hurt by these changes.

That’s how it goes in every game where exploitation and cheating is not caught and punished by permanent bans.

Same thing with OPR – players and even botters found all sorts of ways to loss-farm, so they had to institute a scoring system to try to force players to actually play OPR once they queued for it.
So now players focus on getting a score to ensure rewards but are still not interested in PvP.

And Azoth Salt – what did PvPers do first thing it came out? Exploit the system with fort win-trading to farm it.

PvP cheaters and exploiters are the cause of the continuing “bad” systems in New World, and the root cause of the game going to shit.


agree whit you , ppl from this game is just leaving… not coming back

PVP arenas must be equalized gearscore so new players can have fun there too.

I mean, it’d help if they listened to any feedback beside the stark-raving-mad players who still loyally dump hundreds of hours in, but they’ve made a comfy echo chamber for themselves and refuse to step out of it.

They’ll pass that along to the team for ya, boss. That’s all we got and it’s all we get.

They just refuse to learn and so I can’t have any hope in them. And still, so so bad at communication. Fuck off ‘pass it along to the team,’ the team hasn’t done shit with like 99% of the feedback they get despite coming out after the patch to agree with the feedback. It’s disgusting and the fact that they’ve yet to admit that this is a trend with them is hilarious.

I guess I’m just hoping for some character development with them but it never happens. This game is a smashing success and they refuse to see otherwise. -shrug-


Already tried that Here but since that isnt happening they needed to atleast make gear we can grind for nobody likes rng, i get you need it in the game to a certain point but pvp gear should not be rng!

We needed a pvp gearing system you grind for and have somthing already in your sights, azoth salt could be the currency. Take gear out the pvp tracks and add other shit and bring in a new vendor with gear you buy with salt atleast at that point youll be able to see what you want and grind out for it.

I hate to say it, but the grind is already better than it was. You can knock out gypsum easily. Which lets you pick and choose what to upgrade. It’s miles better than early on in the system where Gypsum was scarce, cooldowns were awful, and chests were about the only way to consistently level it up.

We’re helping a friend, and she started at 500. She’s gotten to 550 in most things with just a few runs of dungeons and things. Gen and Laz drop gear score increases like mad and you (at least on our server) find people to run them with you easily. Trials take about 5 minutes to do and aren’t too painful.

MMO’s have a grind. Yes it’s obnoxious, but if they get rid of this grind there will simply be some other grind to take it’s place.

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I also will reiterate that i was sold an advertisement for souls like combat, in an MMO. And myself and everyone else that picked this up absolutely did not get that.

Everything i liked about what i was seeing in the combat slowly got stripped away for more fluid, fast, street fighter esque combos and sonic the hedgehog rolling.

I wanted POWERFUL moves and attacks, blocking to be mandatory, dodge to be your lifeline. Not BAPBAPBAP yourdead lol.

I still play, as do some other die hards. But i believe whole heartedly that hundreds of thousands of people felt like they got sold down the river.


I believe, could be wrong, but they have a survey pinned to the Home Screen when you log-in. It gets updated periodically, so I’ve filled it out a couple times. They haven’t done the greatest job telling people to fill it out.