Nobody wants more ward/banes

My suggestion for ward gear:

  • Create a damage reduction cap equal to a full set of ward gear at 625.
  • Increase damage reduction on each piece to where the damage reduction on 4 pieces of 625 ward gear hits the cap.
  • This way you only need 4 pieces of Ward gear and you can use the 5th slot for other perks you want.

For Empyrean Forge, the make up of the mobs is majority of Human with some Lost mobs (bout 10% is Lost) in between to where it’s not detrimental enough for players to bring a Lost Ward set. They are in one area then you get involved with Varangians (Humans) then turn another corner and come in contact with some Lost Mobs. You would only need to bring two (2) ward sets, Human Ward (which humans make up 90% of the expedition) and Angry Earth Ward (Irfrit boss only).

For Irfrit, I would recommend full AE Ward with Opals in gear. Reason being, the Forge has Fire Damage as the standard elemental damage type, pair that with the weekly Mutator (Void, Fire, Ice or Nature), so, having gear fully slotted with Amethyst gems with Flame Conditioning + Fire Protection Potions to maybe mitigate that, but for overall elemental damage mitigation hitting you both at once, (Fire + Mutator), Opals should be fine.

ye i know. but this is still a bad thing…
1 Dungeon > 1 Mob Type.

I may be in the minority here but I kind of like ward and bane. Bane especially because it keeps me switching weapons so I don’t forget how to play some of them. Like I love bow/spear but in Genesis I do fire mage and the Lost/Ancient I do war hammer and GA and then corupt I get to do spear/bow.

Yes I know, you can get bane on any weapon etc. but I still like it and adds some uniqueness to this mmo. Same with ward gear.

I will say though, I am not a fan of having multiple wards/banes per expedition. They should all just 1 type and not Ancient/Lost or Ancient/Corrupt etc.

I do get the point the though of why people don’t want them. Either way if they remove them fine but I am cool having them.

I dont really mind more wards & banes being added to game. I enjoy complexity, and tweaking my toon for optimum performance against the mobs im fighting. But, better item management is needed. Gear sets are a great step in that direction. But I almost feel like we need gear sets in our storage sheds, that can be clicked over into our carried gear set slots with a single button. Item management in our sheds is in need of some QOL tweaks, imo. We need to be able to “filter by perk”, at a minimum.

AGS, make a pool on this subject. If most players r against this system, just be humble and remove it, like u did it with azoth travel system. I think it’s a horrible system, simple because It’s unsustanable. Have u imagine adding 3 or 5 more mob types? How messy this would be?

Yeah - keep complicating things for PVE and group finder. Because everyone have time to join companies and sit in discord for 120hours to do couple of speedruns on m10. Jesus …



If you actually earned your stuff i would agree. The problem is the variance from person to person based on the extreme low probability of certain items.

Some people get it first try others get it after hundreds, that isnt earning something that is gambling.

Thats why RMT is so prolific within the nw community. It ranks way too high in volume and popularity on trading sites for how few players we have.

you don’t need to do m10 or speed run.

by the way, the pve of this game is so mediocre that even without a ward set, you can do m10.

my first m10 was with voidbend.


I want, at least, 20 more mob types. 20 more bane weapons and gear set to fill in all my storage sheds.

Me too
I hope they start adding expeditions with 6 different ward/bane requirements so only top end players like us get to play the new content and new players will be forced to grind for 1000+ hours to do the new 6 ward/bane content

For sure spending some moneyz on gear slots will help your noble quest of having more wards and bane gear.
Let’s get this on.

ward gear is annoying, but bane is absolutely fine in my opinion