Node/Kill ownership

First person to tag a node, or a mob should have rights to skin/gather it, for a specific time. The games community is already shaping up to be toxic like wow… don’t leave room for folks to be even more of a jerk.


maybe the 1 who did most dmg i can tag 10 monsters and let others kill em…


Makes sense… but something really needs to be done. Too often, people run right to something you kill and start skinning it, especially mobs that run from you.

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You think its bad now just wait until and the complainers get their way and they jack up the server population. At least it will give them something else to cry about.

This mob skin stealing is so damn annoying and happens everywhere, all the time. It should be fixed somehow.

Most damage done could be a good reason to define ownership. But what if the person does not care about the corpse? Nobody can skin it.

WoW drops the loot inside the corpse and nobody else can touch it before the loot is taken by the killer of the mob.

This is one of the guys who skins your kills.

Sadly, I’ve never seen a game where this is not an issue. Certain people are dicks, and they are dicks wherever they go and all the time.

I will back off in a heartbeat if I see that the kill I’m about to skin was somebody else’s and not mine. I’ll turn tail so fast you can hear the brakes screech. I expect the same courtesy, knowing full well that I will not get it 98.7% of the time.

If I do steal your kill it was an honest mistake and I apologize. It can be hard to tell which one you killed after you had to chase it down.

I don’t know what to say, except that if I entirely give up belief that there are decent people in the world, I may as well shoot myself right now.
:+1: to those of us who remember how to treat people.


I have already created a post on this topic on obt. Reactions from developers 0. Who killed the mob - should have priority of resource extraction from it.

15 seconds is enough to extract the resource. If you haven’t started in 15 seconds, then any other player can get it

The other one is where they train a mob on you to break your gathering and then they take it. I’ve had this happen a few times while mining.


This is type of complain what killed player interactions in wow. Yes people should be allowed to skin your mob becouse it promotes player interactions and creates experience. Yes its negattive experience for you but its still experience. When they pretty much add this type of protection into wow people just start ignoring each other. Everybody would get that tresure chest, herb, mining node. And it turned players around you iinto mindless bots. Everyone just running around ingoring each other.

Everytime you start creating systems to protecting player from incovinience instead letting that responsibility on players themself you will take away social dinamic from the game.

Players would see you being on mob and just ignore you becouse tag system doesnt allow you to do anything about it. You dont want players to ignore each other. You want them to interact, compete over resources and talk to each other.


The only interaction this promotes is negative ones. Not sure how a negative conversation between to players is good for a game. If you want to create real interactions/consequences, then the moment you skin another players kill, you should instantly become attackable.

There is another side to this, which some people have touched on with the idea of gating the kill ownership behind a short timer.

If only the one who tags the mob first is awarded the kill, EVER, then say goodbye to hunting or harvesting in a group with your friends, in any practical sense. It certainly doesn’t seem feasible for my group to stop and say, “Amy skinned the last kill, so it’s John’s turn to kill this one.” By which time somebody else has run up, killed the thing, and skinned it.

And in moment you start protecting players from negattive experiences you will also get rid of posittive ones. Its not possible due to human nature have game where everybody just have posttive experience all the time. I5s not. You nees times where you will experince those neggative experiences. Nobady will ever remeber skinning his dear. Nobady. But you will remeber how some gys one day pulled several mobs on you in order to inrupt you and get your loot.

easily resolved by just allowing anyone in a group (your friends,) to harvest. This has nothing to do with group dynamics.

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Preventing people from being jerks, with ZERO consequences does absolutely nothing to positive experiences. Not sure where you logic is coming from, but its flawed.

Follow a leaf out of Eve Online - if someone takes your kill’s skin they become PvP flagged and you are free to knock the snot out of them. That way there’s risk :slight_smile:


Well said <3

In betas if you skinned someone elses kill it turned into unuseable garbage (don’t ask me how I know this please)

So it’s not like that now?

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You snooze, you lose. Be quick or get rekt

Would love to see this put into place.