Nodes and fishing, and bots

There are either two possibilities:

  1. Amazon cares and doesn’t want bots but doesn’t have the man power/budget to fight them efficiently

  2. Amazon doesn’t actually care about bots.

I’m a foolish optimist and chose to believe option 1.

So now let’s talk about harvesting, including fishing. I see so many bots in harvesting loops it’s getting well past ridiculous.

The (what I believe to be) simple thing to do is make all types of harvest nodes spawn in random areas. Not completely random, but a few dozen meters here or there. Enough that scripting a bot to harvest them would be damned near impossible, but players know the general area where to find the nodes.

It actually makes sense, “realism”-wise (in a game where there are zombies and everything comes back to life…). If I mine some iron ore, why would I be able to mine more ore in the same spot 15 min later? It’s gone. I mined it. But I could find another vein in close proximity. Same with wire fibre. That plant is long gone, but it’s seeds could be spread in the vicinity where they grow up to be new wire fibre plants.

Now, fishing. There are two places to fish:

1). Anywhere
2). Hotspot.

I suggest hotspots move around as well. I believe fishing bots would be half solved by my previous paragraph.

Now let’s tackle the anywhere-afk-fish-for-days-straight bot.

Do we really care if bots flood the market with fillets? Probably not. Blue fish (oysters mostly) are pretty few and far between without a hotspot so not overly concerning. The concerning thing is treasure boxes - but not as concerning since they were nerfed long ago.

Why not make a new mini game when you hook a treasure box? One that is hard for a bot to be successful at, but a player can do with some practice? Maybe something like like a series of random, but precise, long presses of LMB to reel it in, like a pattern or something, that would be hard to code a bot to do.

If we kill off the bots then maybe AGS could put gold, or even gear or legendary materials, back in the chests to make fishing a bit more attractive for people to take up.

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The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months.!
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry

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