Non functional target dummy at house

LOL , I just bought it for 800 coins and it’s not functional. I feel like scamming myself lol. But I bet everyone who bought this training dummy must have thought it’s a functional one for testing damage…at home.

Imo furnitures at home should be functional like in the sims.

So far the only functional item is just chests and trophies or cmiiw.

Looking at this non functional training dummy made me realize that housing in this game needs more work. Even the pet is just static.

Imo it should has function like this :

  • We can set its HP to unlimited or a set x number of HP so we can practice or test how fast is our current build at killing it, and timed. It has records for us to compare and can also be reset.
  • Can set its movement, up/down or left right, how fast, etc. So we can practice shooting a moving target even though the house space is limited but enough
  • Can change its skin to any npc model that we have killed, or maybe a select few since some enemies can be giants.

… and whatever creative ideas for it and other furnitures.

There are quite a few threads like this, but this is just another one lol, I bet there will be more in the future until it’s updated.

Yep. I did the same. In fact, I stopped making them and selling them because I did not want to promote the idea that they could be used in home.

Everyone I know that bought that thing thought it could be used in their home for target practice.

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