Noobiest meta in gaming history?

I agree to an extent, but it is still a measure of comparable abilities are for combat interactions.

I still wouldn’t call it anywhere remotely close to OP in duels.

Sure, but have you tried dying to an Assassin Cross who blew EDP into a Breaker for an instant kill?

Had a small dueling pit going yesterday on the beach. Mage wrecked all but we didnt have a bow/musket user to see if that could counter. Melee all got stomped.

One charge into the pylon it’s dead before and damage done.

And then you predictably have Ice Storm cast on you and ice shower and get bursted down. Pylon also has a low cd and can be cast numerous times in duels.

Well we could could go into a whole bunch of what ifs with different comps and weapon abilities all day. It still remains pylon isn’t OP anywhere. Even in dueling. I play IG and don’t even use it in arenas cause it’s pretty meh. Not going to replace it fir tomb, shower or storm.

You didnt prove that claim.

Neither did you. Cause it’s merely opinions.


Etomb takes like 3 aa and its gone. Also you could panic button it and if enemy has some nice cc you stuck in it moment you get ouf tomb. So it can kill you if you use it in wrong time. Dunno what you saying about larget hitboxes on 20m?

It taking 1k damage to break and having to be stationary as a melee that long swinging at the pinata is dangerous. If their teammates are communicating they usually will come to their aid while you have your back turned swinging at entombed.

Its frustrating that as a melee player after Entombed pops my attacks will not land on the mage. They are either desynced coming out or are invulnerable even though they arent dodging. Its wierd and frustrating. I dont understand why that happens. I dont see anything in the tooltips.

Iframes on entomb is a confirmed bug.

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I thought that was normal… Lol.

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Ice Tomb breaks leaving players briefly invulnerable

There’s the post. Apparently it’s a bug.

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Yeah I ran into a pretty nasty VG player in med in OPR today. Dude was sick. Ran into groups, killed people off, hardly took damage. Makes me want to figure that build out. Looked fun.

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Thank you.

Nonono. Mace/Sheild =)

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Ah ty kindly. Its been driving me batty.

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