Noobish Question Explain It Like I'm Five?

I don’t know a lot about MMORPGs but I have been having fun with New World when it lets me play. I don’t claim to understand a lot of the higher level and intricate details. I’m only level 47 and I don’t know what watermarks or trophy’s are yet.

What I have gathered is that we are about to experience some kind of rebalance or nerf soon - January?

I read that we should buy gear right before that day because afterwards, gear will be reduced in power, or something to that effect.

Can someone explain it like I’m five, or just tell me WHEN and WHAT I should buy/get right before this happens to best prepare?

Should I buy level 60 and sit on it until I get there? I run 1 to 1.5 levels a day MOST days, obviously not yesterday though. LOL.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can simply explain what is happening or what I should do to prep for it.


At the moment, you can buy max gear (gear score 600) from other players/the trading post and use it to it’s full power without restrictions.

After the patch you can only use crafted or self found items to it’s full power.
Finding high gear score items takes a lot of time, because you have a hidden restriction to be able to get high drops.

Reaching level 60 opens up the possibility for gear score 500-505 drops.
Once you had a 501 drop, this shifts up a level (501-506) this is repeatable up to gear score 600. (That’s the watermark system. It will be renamed and remodeled in the upcoming patch)
Every item slot has its own watermark.
Therefore it’s a very, very, very long journey to 600.

Items that are bought before the upcoming patch won’t be affected by the restrictions, and you can use them to their full power. That’s why people are freaking out right now.

As mentioned before, crafted gear you made yourself will never get restricted. But that also requires a fuck ton of grind and/or Goldinvestment.

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It will be a much shorter journey to expertise 600 level since you can still do the random increases from mobs, but also get guaranteed increases from expedition bosses, plus the gypsum system will guarantee increases. And with the gypsum increases you get to pick the item slot you want to get the increase.

theoretically as long as they dont fudge the overall hwm bump% (which unfortunately the last time i checked it was) all the new options and stuff will make getting your hwm up faster/better than it currently is.

at least targeted bumps to a weapon you really want will be much easier now rather than the random you get what you get system we have now.

Thank you, I had no idea what the watermark system was until now. I guess that I should save up and buy some good level 600 gear as soon as I can - I guess it will go up in price as the date approaches.

When does this happen?

Thanks to everyone for the great answers!

Oh yeah, what is the gypsum system?


Go to your room!

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