Normal Armor Drops/Crafted Should Be Equip-Appearance Enabled

Something that has amazed me for awhile now is that there is no option for allowing people to use armor drops or crafted armor as appearances. This has been a pretty standard thing for MMOs that I’ve played and I understand that the in game store has armor skins but there is so much lost potential from not allowing the in game obtainable armor to be used as a skin.

Not only would it be nice to use the in game obtainable armor as skins but also it creates content in a way. You would have skins to collect while playing the game. If it’s a transmog system like WoW then when you would get a piece it would unlock it for future use, so you would collect pieces when you could. Makes older content also worth while, and crafting lower level replica sets too for appearance would be great.

This could come with a system like Guild Wars 2 which has Transmutation Charges that are consumed when changing the appearance of gear. You can earn them in game(randomly found in chests and achievements) or buy them in their RMT store.

As a side note you should be able to dye the store bought skins. Would make the dye market explode in transactions.

Let me die while looking good in the lower level dynasty armor, thank you.

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