Not a fan of these balance changes

I think the PvP changes prove otherwise. It’s called being overdramatic. You don’t think they’ve noticed the uproar from you all? I can 100% guarantee they have. I can also guarantee that’s going to be a long discussion at the next team meeting. Players are the game, without you. There is no game. They’ve stepped up their response to bugs, their replies to the community everything. PTR is a great place and granted, it does feel like the update was rushed through to live servers and wasn’t properly tested and adjusted to the players demands but thats why we have weekly updates.

Yes nice! I love your passion and enthusiasm for the game! Keep it up and bring in your thoughts and ideas! Only one thing you can change and optimize:
Stop telling people what they can do, say or feel - that‘s all!

Have fun in the game and keep up the good mood - I know I will :+1::upside_down_face:

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you want solid feedback? is this video enough solid feedback?

Common that’s stupid… GA lunge have a longer range than Incinerate which is meant to be our “keep melee out of range” spell…and cannot even hit a GA user while they lounge into us :rofl:


Can I link you back to your first tag between you and I? :crazy_face:

Others are entitled to their view. I don’t object to that, but your view simply being “This update sucks. You don’t listen. Blah, Blah Blah” doesn’t help fix what they’re complaining about does it? I swear half of them don’t know why they’re complaining it’s just to jump on the band wagon.

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Yes you can!:joy:

Yes it does! Next time they will listen more carefully, won’t they? :wink:

I don‘t think so… most people get very emotional when games don‘t feel right to them so they give vent to the emotions - is that rational - of course not - but human. Therefore, the rationally thinking people “must” try to translate this as well as possible so that we make the best of it and this is achieved in my opinion not by telling people what to think or say.
My 2 cents :wink:

Weekly updates are to yes fix some bugs, implement a few changes, make some QOL fixes, release new content, do maintenance on servers. Weekly updates are NOT meant to resolve major issues & bugs brought on by an update that was rushed and not fully tested. THAT is what PTR is for.

There was no reason for them to rush ALL of the updates. They could have very well released what was working on the PTR and held back on items that a vast majority of players said “wait this needs to be looked at again” and ones that were not working as intended.

So what do we get because they rushed it out the door?

and not to mention this list which probably still has things on it that have not been fixed yet, since they don’t even update it to note when an has been resolved:


Just easier to take a walk, or a five minute breather and come back and construct themselves properly? I mean I was taught how to at primary school.

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What do you think this upcoming hot fix is for? :wink:

They’ve pushed it to meet the satisfaction of the community. To avoid the backlash, was it the right decision? Probably not no. But the fact there’s already a hotfix? Shows they care and are actively listening. PTR should have been the testing ground, I’m with you 100% and it was, just not for long enough to iron out everything but it’s a mistake they’ll learn from. Next PTR content should release sooner and give them a lot longer than a week. It was a MAJOR update compared to every other we’ve had thus far since launch.

That’s what its for. They’re not fixing bugs or issues or peoples harvesting gear that was deleted out of the game.

Yes, they are making some performance and stability improvements, which is good. But this isn’t to fix stuff that they broke by rushing an update.


Sure - but not everyone has that ability to do so.
Solution: Help them without pointing fingers! :wink:

Game was losing players in droves, devs make the game less enjoyable, your going in the wrong direction guys!


Or the numbers will still drop on a weekly basis and you start to realize that there are different kind of players that want different types of experiences from the game. When you cater too much to one subgroup you start to alienate others (30% luck to PvP as example) and your total number of logging in players actually shows an overall decrease. Let’s see in a weeks time.

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Exactly what this guy said. AGS should hire this man

New World is a game that ignores feedback, doesn’t fix things.
Exhibit A: Beta x2 before release, then releasing without changes from the prior beta, failing to patch the 2 dupes reported in beta that had to be addressed Separately in release!

New World is a game that developers think is fine while its on fire.
Exhibit b: Lower pop servers, towns cant pay upkeep, Players cant afford repairs, housing tax e.t.c.

New world needs better leadership
Exhibit c: yeah enough said!

New World needs to compensate players for listing fees, make changes to costs in game, credit players that sell houses e.t.c.
Exhibit D: New World on Steam Read your comments! & I can attest to this on top of many in game, go in & ask!

If New World & its devs want the game to last then changes & Fixes need priory over content.
Exhibit E: Into the Void - Releases | New World Bad changes, some good sure, but many bad, Then in game (More) broken abilitys, classes. Content focus, misleading that there would be more in game missions wise to do, funny enough 1-2 quests isn’t much, But many of us would of preferred the broken damage scaling issues with all classes to be fixed! (musket 1.6K vs many other classes bearly 1.3K with same stats.) e.t.c.

I can go on. We all can. New leadership, focus on making the game work, then better. Compensate players. No more 5min warnings that you are going to screw over players!


I call bs. You’re saying it wasn’t a hype server but that’s all it was used for. "Looky at the void gauntlet. Isn’t it so cool? Here is a bunch of level 600 gear and lots of things to test when we’ll only do PTR for a almost a week before deciding we’re putting in all the stuff everyone said they hated after the hype died down. Also we’re going to do more terrible stuff that everyone is going to hate that we didn’t have in the PTR. "


I hope you understand that it is continuously getting more and more difficult to not get emotional and flammatory after each day of things being broken, drastic changes not communicated, feeling like being punished for playing etc.

Also, every patch so far has introduced some things that players can’t even be sure of if they are intended or yet another bug, or stealthed changes in order to avoid backlash, or some other clownery altogether.

For instance, the changes to chest drops and endgame mob, which were intended but not communicated.

You often point to your announcements and released notes for clarification, but how can we trust the information provided when there have been missing/undocumented changes on a constant basis?

You have been talking as if the player frustration was cased by misfortune and things out of your control, but was it really? Was there nothing you could have done to make sure someone on your team didn’t flag Harvester gear as future content? Was there nothing you could have done to put missing crafting components in faster than more than one month after the issue had been reported over and over? Those are just a few examples.

I would like to remind you that people here, both who are being constructive and those who might border on being abusive, are probably still playing the game. They commit time and energy, trusting that it will reward them with entertainment. Yet, some are feeling like they are being punished instead of being entertained, and not for no reason. Their patience is being tested with brutal disregard.

Trust is a very delicate commodity, and you have been callously reckless with it. Lots of IPs live and die by trust. Are you certain you can afford to continue like this?

Are you sure the team you have working on this is up to the task?

Are you certain there are no changes to be made in your team leadership, judging by…all these?

I mean, I am being sincere when I say I wish you good luck and I hope things improve for you, but I also can’t betray my own experience and feelings and not vent a little.


Thats the thing, people still do this shit cause it works

Yeah some minor part of the playerbase will not eat up whathever they say, but thats just a tiny fraction of the overall sentiment. For instance look at official posts about things they fixed or changed. like “oh we gave back lost gold from losing your house” or whathever. It will be showered with hearts just because its initially a positive announcement.

So not sure if its just me and my group of 5 but has anyone had issues killing the door going into mangled heights? It nearly took us 5 mins to get it down. Had some hand cramps after all the left clicking lol

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This dude really came in here saying “great axe feels nice” and that mages “seem” fine? What a joker. play the FS before you start claiming random shit dude. And ofc a great axe player isn’t going to complain about their fav weapon getting a super buff…


Mugsy i appreciate that you are coming here and talking to every user directly. Its something rare to see on any forum, cause it usually devolves into a slapfest no matter what you say. So what you are doing is definitely honorable.

That said, many of the changes are “questionable” at best. Professions taking longer to level? Elite chests dropping less gear? Anti zerg measures on a game that barely has other type of content to play on longer play sessions? Come on.

These changes make it look like all you guys intend is to make us stay here for longer. You increase some arbitrary goalpost and now we have to work for longer just to reach that higher number. This isn’t fun and you know it. No one will think “holy f***, i can spend even more time levelling weaponsmitthing now, thats awesome. Or even better, now i have to make 1508 ori axes instead of 18k iron swords!”. No one, absolutely no one cares.

You might no be responsible for these changes and genuinely wants us to have a better experience, but some higher up on your game doesn’t really care that much, given the kind of changes they made.