Not a fan of these balance changes

Pretty much dislike every balance change possible. Yep, pretty much. Balance was certainly better last patch.

Apparently I’m not the only one…



Balance is definitely a living set of numbers, we will continue to adjust balance as we go. We’ll collect data and feedback and continue tuning. The more detailed folks can be in their feedback the more helpful it is for our team.


Excuse my bluntness but what exactly was not enough feedback during PTR??

The PTR forum had ample feedback on every single weapon balance thread. Yes there were quite a lot of junk, but there were also plenty detailed constructive feedback. You guys ended up not listening to a single piece of the feedback. Do you think us as a community are stupid?

What data do you look at? What feedback do you listen to? What details do you need?


pay respect the sail already dive to deep

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The PTR is a super important opportunity for us to collect feedback and bug reports. I know it might feel like if you don’t see that feedback implemented in the next release it is being ignored but that isn’t the case. We are definitely listening even if it takes some time to see those changes implemented.


For example, previously a myrk + scorched mines run took us about 1.5 hours with a group of 20-30 members. It took us about 3 hours this evening to run through with the same sized group. The Thorpes, priests, and portals took at least double the normal time and if we double pulled any mini bosses the group was in danger of wiping.

Paired with this significant increase in effort, time, and repair costs we were greeted with our inventory at the end of the run. I had a total of (5) armor pieces and (23) weapon items from the entire elite chest run. The refining reagents appear to drop at the same rate, and i received similar amounts of provisions and alchemy supplies. The noticeable drop off was in armor and weapons where I used to receive about 4-6x the amount of drops. After this evening my HWM did not increase a single point and my gear is watermarked around 570. This does not bode well for players who are just starting their hwm grind.


Its like an abusive relationship. Things are going to change guys. Give it time.


Just fix the bow, jesus christ i rather have the old one back.


Regarding data, the team receives a ton of game telemetry on all kinds of gameplay, so it probably depends on which team is working on which aspect of the game.

In terms of feedback, we listen to the in-game feedback tool entries, survey results, these forums, Discord, social media, content and press coverage, we gather feedback where ever it is being offered.

The most helpful feedback focuses on detailing the experience you are having and the experience you want to be having. Sometimes it is tempting to design the solution before you fully articulate the problem. So its really valuable when folks walk us through the problem.


This is solid feedback, thanks. I will make sure to include in our reporting.


This feedback for example doesn’t really tell me much. Just you preferred the previous bow balance. But I don’t really have anything specific I can share with the team.


Slowing HWM progression down drastically when a small subset of players are already capped is actually a really strategic move. It will create haves and have nots, which will incentivize the have nots to play more and increase the number of players logging in.

And it will reward the early adopters who rushed to get their HWM to cap when it was easy by giving them near exclusive access to profit on selling 600GS drops on the TP for months until the slow pokes catch up.

I think these changes will do a lot to encourage the slower players to pull themselves up by their boot straps and rise to the new challenge!


Why are the new legendary weapons Bind on Pickup ? me and my friends leveled different life skills to make it easier i made him void armor he cant make me my legendary weapons and now i have to level both engineering and weapon smitting just for 1 rapier ? I dont get the point of making the armor tradable but the weapons bind on pickup after crafting


What do you mean exactly?! This is the first response of any kind in regards to the PTR “Balance” changes. Since the PTR went live with the changes there have been thousands of replies/threads about how incredibly gutted many of the weapons have become. 15 nerfs at one single time to the ice gauntlet isn’t an attempt at balance. Don’t try to feed us that garbage. That is outright insulting. How are you ever going to be able to understand what is too much or too little when you nerf every skill that is being used by the majority of users? Like seriously…… please go log in…. Pick up an ice gauntlet and duel a greataxe. I’d like to know what the desired use of the ice gauntlet is in AGS’s point of view. Because I can tell you right now it’s not to make melee players think twice before running you down.


But I’ve seen hundreds of replies about the harvesting gear. Oh the humanity! Top priority!

He might not have something specific to say about the bow, but i know a bunch of players that have. You can start with these: BOW FEEDBACK - From a Hardcore Bow User ; Over 1000 hours of Bow play feedback ; [Focus Feedback] Bow Changes ; BOW FEELS TERRIBLE AND CLUNKY NOW - Every bow player i know is respeccing off it - #2 by Fjordpvp

Not even kap tho. Most of those linked threads dont even have a forum moderator word on them, if not all. Notice that on the last linked thread i pointed out that not a single change were made from the feedback from community on the [focus feedback] thread, today’s update were word by word identical to the inicial thread report. So why even ask for feedback if its not gonna be taken into consideration?


All the feedback you need is that you’ve created a rich get richer environment where everyone that farmed the life out of elite chests until now can now get 600 GS while the rest of us will still be trying to catch up in 6 months time.

You see it’s typical for games to reduce the difficulty and time it takes to obtain things as a ‘catch up’ mechanic. If you’re unhappy with the drop rates it’s expected you change them within days, not after a month or more.

I’m not going to bother with watermark farming as a result of this change, which means I’m probably going to just end up quitting instead so won’t be wasting anymore money on skins.


Why are you balancing anything when there are dozens if not hundreds of weapon/combat bugs and mechanics that have poor quality of life?


It was supposedly a Public Test environment. If no feedback was going to be acted on for that build before release, it shouldn’t have specifically been requested.

Just call it a Preview server, which is what it actually was.


This 100% revert all changes made in this latest update in regards to weapons, leave the void gauntlet but fix the bugs with it.