Not allowed to tranfer toon compensation

But you can transfer your character, just not to a different region.

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Ah, the scream of ‘I did not get my way, now compensate me.’


they told us we could and then back peddled on it. they lied and wasted peoples time.

Has nothing to do with your bs comment and everything to do with them LYING to us about it.

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They disabled it to stop a duplication glitch…they didn’t lie. Would you rather be able to transfer your character and have there be no point in playing cause people now have a million gold and can ruin everything? Take a break if your this upset over something your misunderstanding.

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I’m new-ish to MMOs but I’ve noticed you guys come up with the silliest reasons to be compensated for.


To reply to this, the devs have stated the following, albeit in German:

F: Besteht in Zukunft ein Potenzial für regionale Transfers?
A: Es gibt Potenzial, ja, und wir arbeiten bereits daran. Wir können aber keine ETA angeben, da es sich um einen ganz anderen Prozess handelt. Aber als wir feststellten, dass wir diesbezüglich mit einer Falschaussage Verwirrung gestiftet hatten, waren wir der Meinung, dass wir es der Community schuldig waren, eine Lösung zu finden.

Source: Update zum Servertransfer - Official News / Offizielle Neuigkeiten - New World Forums

Translated, this means:
Q: Is there the potential for regional transfers in the future?
A: There is the potential, yes. And we are working on this already. Although we cannot give an ETA, because it involves an entirely different process. However, since we concluded that we caused this confusion, we were of the opinion that we owed it to the community to find a solution.

Which in my eyes, is a very fair answer to this. I personally do not believe further compensation is required in that. They are working on these regional transfers as is.

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You were compensated…you got a title called stoic and a new emote where you tap your foot.

Oh my, another player that thinks he should be compensated because he DIDNT properly read the TOS.

Just a reminder, you own nothing in this game, youre at the mercy of what happens to your account when it comes to the state of the game during certain issues.

You dont get compensation for anything…just stop. Go re read the TOS and youll find out what you dont get compensated for.

I also see youre trying to speak for many people besides yourself and your own anger. Please dont do that…youll make more foes than allies doing that.

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(post deleted by author)

Not being able to transfer out of region is a huge AGS fuck up, and talking shit on people effected by it just makes you look like a clown.

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I feel I should be compensated for being accused of having the silliest of reasons to be compensated… Oh wait no no I don’t I am not a muppet. :slight_smile:

They also said they are as we talk working on a way to change the region due to miscommunication regarding transfers. Expect them to have something within a month or so.

Either wait or just reroll in your region.

See ya in Aetherium :bone:

Hello. Since the problem with “rewards are only 1x per account” is solved you shall being fine at a new start. Update them please iif your skins are there also. The bought ones unlocked.

As someone who has been playing MMORPGs for 20 years, I can promise you,…

You’ve seen nothing yet. :wink:

For supposed adults, some MMO players can be the most whiny, entitled children ever, I could SOMEWHAT understand it with WOW because that game requires a monthly sub to play. But a B2P game like this? Nah. Just grow up already.

Use those classes on yourself.

Now come with that mental gymnastics I’ll never see because you’re already muted lol.

Serves you right for taking my space on that server .

Gl killing ancients with flint weapons.

This is a outdated info: suggestion: try digging out older ones please. But for now it just is not possible.

ps.: The 1 posting that had gotten told it was not like this.

The next day they came back saying they were mistaken

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