Not getting responses to tickets DEV please help


Character name Jodrich

I need a developer to respond to this.

I opened a ticket like 3 weeks ago because faction quests were not allowing me to turn them in, I gave the quest name and all details, then I provided all the information and log files I was asked for. No response as yet, no ticket number nothing.

Then I got an issue where I completed ALL of startstone and did not get my credit for Barkemedes quest, and then I did startstone again and SAME THING but I completed all the boses, got all the bones, and it said I didnt kill one of the bosses so screwed out of loot and xp and wep xp rewards etc yet again.

Contacted support about that, they said they would open a ticket, still not ticket number, no email NOTHING.

Then tonight I fought Turkulon for 20-30 mintues, unloaded like 500 bullets into it, smashed it with my hatchet, fight ends, everyone else gets XP wep XP and Loot, I get literally nothing.

I contact support, he says he will make a ticket, cannot confirm what my other ticket numbers are or if they even exist and tells me I have to post in the forum to get a developer to response.

I havent had any of my other forum posts responded to. Please respond to this.

I would like the game to be fun , not a drag.


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