Not getting town crafting buff

I’m 200 Engineering and the Engineeringbuff is up in WW. I take on my Engineering set + earring and eat a foodbuff (have 3 major Engi trophies active in houses) and yet i still only get 590-600 span when i try to craft something - Can i only get the townbuff if i have a house in that town? Or am i bugged on some wierd other way

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You should add it in the bug section of the forum.

I have the same issue, except I don’t get the trophy buffs either.

Ty i’ll make a post there instead :slight_smile:

You need to have a house in the town with the buff.

aw really :frowning: that sux, but kinda makes sence calling it town projects - Well made a bug report so gonna wait and see what they respond :slight_smile: ty anyways

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