NOT INVASION - Declare War Bug - Infinite Zero Influence - Game Breaking Bug


We are currently NOT BEING INVADED by PVE forces, however, we cannot declare war on enemy territory (They do not have an invasion either).

Currently, the UI says that we Do Not Have Enough Influence to Declare. At the Same Time the UI says, We are gaining ZERO Influence until War is Declared. At the same time, it is also saying NO COMPANY has enough influence to declare. While ALSO saying that ANY company can declare. I tried declaring numerous times, my company is one of the largest with significant influence contributed along with many of our alliance companies working with us. This was then confirmed by a mutual person in Syndicate (My faction is Marauder) who said the other day nobody could declare on my territory Windsward due to the same bug which leads me to confirm this is in fact a bug. None of the companies can declare in the WW territory and in the EF territory, we have all tried. From big companies to little ones and it made no difference.

The issue has pretty much just wasted over 12 hours of gameplay effort of a combined group of over 60, and also an additional 50 odd players who fought against us resisting our push into the enemy territory. It significantly ruined the gameplay for many, made my arthritis act up, and essentially just said all my time and effort orchestrating this massive push was for nothing at all. Ontop of all the gameplay hours so many other players have wasted, and all my friends that contributed who now get nothing to show for it.

I only discovered this bug after wasting 12 hours pursuing a war declaration. It was later confirmed as also happening to the opposing faction which is why we couldn’t declare war. I was NOT able to recover from this issue as it is ongoing.

Not sure on how to reproduce. Please help. (I am a virgin)


likely someone capped influence to 100% using exploit.

Same thing is happening on Chinvat


You are literally wasting hours of people’s time with territory declare bugs.
It is absolutely game-breaking for declaring war not to work.

Absolutely trash.

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