Not receiving Outpost Rush rewards

Went through a few (5 or more) whole games without being compensated once I got to settlement. No chest or gold.

Hello @danwull.

Sorry to hear you haven’t been getting any reward from the outpost rush.

I’d appreciate if you could provide us with the following information:

Since when have this been happening?

Did it happen before or after any of the recent updates?

Do you know if there’s other players experiencing the same issue?

I’ll be also sending you a private message asking for a few files to escalate this.

Thanks in advance!

i think there are two problems here , sometimes it happens if you have less then 1k points in outpost rush , you just get nothing .
Other times and this includes some wars and invasions , its just random at the end the rewards screen just skips and you get nothing . (this one is more rare )
it has been happening for at least 3 patches now , a long time , not sure exact time-table.

I also received no reward for several outpost rushes since 8th december. No gold, no azoth and no crate…

I’m the only one with this issue in my group. Others are receiving the reward properly.

It doesn’t seems it’s linked to low score for me.

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