Not rewarding to increase watermark

So the watermark system gets a lot of critique, is 2 of the main issue not that you can’t see how far your watermark is, and the second if you buy gear from auction house every drop you get is basically worthless salvage loot.

I’m wondering if a bracket system for watermark would be worth it, where you need 5 piece’s of specific watermark tier before you could equip higher watermark pieces, brackets like 500-519 520-539 540-559…
So before you can equip the 520-539 gear score item’s you would need to find 5 pieces in that bracket, it would give value for newer players who find item’s in the lower bracket’s.
Even lower crafted item’s might have some use, since you can pick different materials depending on gear score that’s aimed for.

We would need a character page to see one’s character gear score to then.

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+1 for detailed insight into your WM status per item. -10 for gating the already convoluted and tedious WM system that exists.

IMO, the WM system is worthless and only meant to distract players and slow down progression because there really is no meaningful end game content. WM was a poorly thought out stop gap to give AGS time to add content, but its not looking like they will have much to roll out any time soon. And really they should only be focusing on fixing all the many, many broken aspects of NW instead of introducing new things, which always tend to add even more problems.

I think a huge part of MMO’s today is acquiring better gear, the focus has mostly shifted from the journey leveling up and gone on to item’s.
In a month or sooner New World will have huge problem’s with flooded auction house’s of 590+ gear score gear for pennies, if you can sell it for 50 gold it’s still way better then salving 10 item’s.

So new player’s hitting 60 will just buy the highest gear, and then play for however long until their quit, because for week’s everything their find is completely worthless.
But yere watermark nerf’s in patch 1.1 should be reversed

the watermark system is the worst system they could think of to stretch the time. There is no in-game indication of what your watermark level is, you spend your days doing boring, repetitive, meaningless things, in order not to see any actual improvement of your character, because what you find you have to throw away. All this in order to then be able to do dungeons like lazarus, and hope to have a good reward. But often you get things that you have to throw away. This game is turning out to be just too grinding and boring.

Watermark is only worth it when you start to drop 591+ and legendaries to sell on Trading Post, even to drop something useful for you will be hard as the drops (not the named items) are totally random.

HWM system is just to keep people playing a non-content endgame.

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