[Notice] Introducing Paid and Regional Transfers

Greetings Adventurers,

On 2022-04-25T07:00:00Z, after the downtime, we will release Paid Server Transfers with the added functionality of Regional Transfers!

We have a dedicated FAQ but if you want a quick summary, please continue reading.

One server transfer token will cost $14.99 USD (with prices differing in other regions due to currency conversion). Each transfer token now comes with the ability to switch Regions.

You are limited to one server token at a time. There is a 24 hour cool down period before another can be purchased and players can transfer again.

If you have a server transfer token from our free rounds, they must be used before purchasing server transfer token. You will be able to utilize these to transfer regions. They will show up as “free” and “paid” within your store.

If you are using this token as a Region Transfer Token, you will be deposited within a “holding” server where you can choose your destination server in the proper region.

Please note that worlds may be marked as “full” and “no transfer”.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We know you have waited for a long time to receive them and we hope you use these tokens wisely.

See you in Aeternum!