[Notice] Temporarily Disabling All Forms of Wealth Transfers

Hi all,

We are aware of a possible gold duplication exploit that has been circling and we are temporarily disabling all forms of wealth transfer between players (ie. sending currency, guild treasury, trading post, player to player trading).

Any player that has engaged in the use of this exploit will be actioned against.

Once the gold duplication exploit has been investigated and we are ready to turn on wealth transfer again, we will update this post.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Something false detect as cheat "Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected"
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Thank you for bringing this gold duplication exploit to our attention. Please do not take advantage of this; we will take the gains back and penalize those involved. This is a temporary exploit that only occurs with the economy control in place that we are correcting.


We’ve identified an exploit and will be banning individuals who were using it. We will have trades off for tonight while we work through and test a fix for the problem. A patch for this issue will be released as soon as possible. We will have another update in the morning Pacific time.


Hey everyone!

We appreciate your patience while we work through these issues. Our team is currently zeroing in on a fix for the exploits that necessitated the turning off of all wealth transfer in New World. We are planning to deploy the change as soon as we complete our testing.

Please stay tuned for additional information when we have it!


Hi Everyone,

We are still working on fixes for the exploits addressed in this notice.

First I’d like to explain why we shut things down. We became aware that a small number of players were using packet manipulation approaches to create invalid transactions. We do use a code approach known as two phase commit, and we also use packet shaping systems for debugging, but there was an edge case with very high packet loss we had not encountered that resulted in duplicated items/currency. Server telemetry provided data that identified this pattern and the people using it; those people were banned, as will often be the case for people who exploit to their advantage. With the transfer of coin disabled, it’s possible to generate an error in a town project improvement and get money returned that you didn’t spend - this gold will be removed during the upcoming maintenance before transfer is turned back on.

I hear you are frustrated and want to make sure that no one suffers in-game financial losses as a result from disabling wealth transfer methods. In the long term, if town maintenance is behind on a territory your company owns or if you are unable to afford your taxes do to this, we will provide a make good.

For bow and musket users worried about running out of ammunition you should be able to craft them in the interim. I know this isn’t ideal and again hope to have things back up soon.

We are working to re-enable the Trading post and player trading as fast as possible and we appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

I am sorry for the impact this has had on your experience.


We have re-enabled wealth transfers for all regions. Please see the November 2nd Downtime Notice for more information and Lane’s notice above for more information.