[Notice] Twitch Drops not Appearing and Daily Limit on Arenas

Hey everyone,

Thank you for your reports and feedback! We will be addressing the missing Twitch Drops and Daily Limit on Arenas below:

Missing Twitch Drops:

Thank you for the reports about the missing Twitch drops. To correct this, we’ve changed the currently active drop to give you 2 chests, as if you had redeemed two drops.

If you are unable to watch this event, we are working on a solution to provide the second drop at a later date. We’ll update you once that process is established.

Daily Limit on Arenas:

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Daily PvP Arena Salt limit. Due to your feedback, we are making some changes.

We are increasing the arena Salt and XP rewards to be more generous, given the time most players will spend in the mode. We are adjusting the daily cap at 40 matches per day or approximately 3 hours of daily PvP Arena matches. After 40 matches in 24 hours, we will reward players 25% of the original PvP Salt and PvP XP rewards. This keeps it possible to play for as long as you want while more optimally rewarding for the first 3 hours daily. We are working to get this change into the Live game as soon as possible and will update you once this change is live.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Hi everyone,

We are currently rolling out the solution for the Twitch Drop from the second event. As a reminder, you will receive one chest if you claimed a Twitch drop during the 2nd event. However, if you watched and claimed the Twitch drop from the 3rd event, you will not receive an additional chest.

Thank you for your patience while we roll these out. If you are missing any Twitch Drops, please reach out to Twitch’s Support Team here: Customer Support