[Notice] Upcoming Server Merges and Fresh Start Transfers

Greetings Adventurers,
In the upcoming days we will be merging worlds within Central EU, US-East, and South America. We will share the exact dates for these merges as soon as possible.

Central EU

  • Artemis will be merging in to Nyx
  • Cleopatra will be merging in to Nyx
  • Crassus will be merging in to Nyx


  • Orofena will be merging in to Maramma
  • Amarah will be merging in to Lilith
  • Seer will be merging in to Lilith

South America

  • Gaea will be merging in to Artorius

Furthermore, we understand that some players on Fresh Start worlds have been anticipating transferring to a Legacy world. The option to transfer out of Fresh Start Worlds has been made, and players are now freely able initiate transfers from either world-to-world or region-to-region through use of a Character Transfer token. Character Transfer tokens may be purchased from the In-Game Store, as per usual.

  • Only Standard worlds will be valid destinations, with Fresh Start worlds still retaining the “Transfer In” restriction at this time.
  • Standard world availability will be subject to usual population limitations, and certain worlds may suddenly and without warning no longer accept incoming character transfers (until population equalizes on the impacted world).
  • “Transfer Out” from Fresh Start Worlds is not a guaranteed function, and may be subject to being either paused or stopped without warning as game service needs arise.

Refresher on requirements when purchasing a Character Transfer:

  • You must be in a Sanctuary (Settlement, Outpost, Spirit Shrine, or Watchtower)
  • You cannot belong to a Company
  • You cannot have active Trading Post orders
  • The destination world is not a Fresh Start world
  • You cannot have unclaimed Compensations

In addition, for Regional Transfers:

  • You must be at least character Level 25
  • You cannot own any houses

See you in Aeternum!


Times and dates for upcoming server merges have been announced in this post: