Noticeable effects of bot measures

Hey guys, just wanted to know if you are noticing any trends going on right now on your servers with the lack of bots running around?

I don’t know if it’s just because population has taken a dip or the bots are mostly gone, but we can farm stuff now, which is good.
The downside is that most are used to getting cheap mats from the TP as players got lazy farming. Prices are currently going up, there is no fibers and iron on my server and the price of starmetal and ori ore is 1 and 2 respectively.

How are the recent measures affecting your server?

Yup, we’ve definitely noticed a decrease in bots. I’m guessing this will be somewhat temporary as the botters figure out the next best tool to use, so AG has to stay on top of things.

Fishing is still botted to death. Go to restless shores 3 star hot spots.

No one knows about it because only a real fisherman would catch someone there. Its ran 24/7 by 3+ bots in Diranda.

Just one of these bots can tank the whole market dumping 2k+ filets every day.

All other bots seem to have decreased though.

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