Notification when a quest is completed

A notification when a quest is completed, even if it isn’t tracked, would be welcomed. I think many would like this QoL change as sometimes you get that last bit of wood or that last turkey on a town board quest and it would be nice to not have to constantly go check the objectives journal as you can’t move when doing so.

That’s a great suggestion, ethantokes.

How would you like this notification be shown as? (Examples, a sound, on screen notification that is able to be toggled on/off, chat notification)

Would be able to open the journal be enough or no?

Screen with toggle and perhaps a sound to go with it.

That’s fair, ethantokes! More QoL suggestions are always welcome :slight_smile: .

I actually noticed there is a sound effect I think, it is just extremely quiet and blends in with all the other sounds. I could even be imagining it, but I feel like I may have just heard it.

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