Nov Release Update

I see the Nov Megathread post was locked. You guys ask us to report all issues there, yet no feedback was ever given to us.

Did anybody actually read them and forward them to dev to work on? Are any of them already fixed?

How do we know if we should submit separate/new bug reports for things that were already mentioned in that thread. There is no way to tell if each of the reported issues are being looked into and what the status is.

How about giving us a new list of “known bugs” and “fixed bugs” since the Nov release and provide some information back to the community. Many people spent time gathering the information you asked for and replying to that thread to help you guys.

The communication to players really needs to be improved.


The previous patch feedback megathreads are locked too.
I would continue to provide feedback in the “game feedback” section. Most likely they did not put another weekly megathread last week with the emergency patches and the holidays in US. We should look to see a new megathread if there is a normal weekly patch this week.

The feedback thread was locked but the bug megathread was not. You can continue submitting any bugs you encounter here: [Bug Megathread] November Monthly Release (1.1)

Havuc is right. You can continue expecting new megathreads whenever we release a weekly or monthly update.

can we have some communication that list all the bugs reported, what might have already been fixed, and what is being looked into so that we don’t create duplicate support tickets and to give us some reassurance that our replies did not simply get ignored.


seconding. with the upheaval of all the things over the last couple weeks so better communicaton on the state of it all would be very helpful.

it would also be nice, to have an update on when we can expect news of the merges. or second tokens. we have a small guild wiht a couple people who used their first token to come join us. so unless we leave some people behind we cannot escape this dead world we are on. it’s problematic for so many reasons.

i mean just knowing… will it be this week. within a couple weeks… a month? a couple months… would be very very helpful for morale. this silence… is bad…

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for example, in the thread you linked too it says right at the top.

" We are creating a weekly thread in order to track new bugs that popped up due to the most recent update (1.1). We will update the list below when we see new issues appear. You can find our November Monthly Release (1.1) Feedback Megathread here."

“We will update the list below when we see new issues appear”…That thread is full of reported issues and not a single one was ever added to the list at the top of the tread like you said you would. So again, we have no way to know if any of the issues reported were looked at or ignored.


This is just an example of what I was saying before that having a viewable only google sheet that has bugs tracked would be better than what we have now. Bugs listed on 100’s of different threads.

Hello travelers.

Thank you all for the feedback on this issue, it is greatly appreciated.

Please continue to look into the Megathreads and other information posted on the forums if you experience any issues with the game.

If you have more feedback please post that in the feedback section of the forums for better visibility.

I will now close this thread.

Safe travels! :mage: :snowflake: