Now is the perfect time to release an Expansion to New World

This is the perfect time. The competition is low and people looking for new content of MMO games to play. New World has changed a lot, and this would be the best time to showcase those changes, with a new Expansion.

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If they asked people to double down on their purchase while the game is floundering this hard I have no doubt they’d tank another 5k players. They have like a year before they’re where they should’ve been on release.

They can’t even release a good patch/update.


Fucking thank you. They can drop an expansion when they don’t drop a patch all over the cutting room floor, picking up whatever linties and bugs happened to be at the landing site.


You will have to wait a couple of months. The roadmap says at least Fall 2022


Now = would kill whats left of the game
In the Fall = gonna kill whats left of the game

There is no right time until they fix the core of the game, but thats just my opinion.


An expansion?
There’s a new area coming without an additional cost, there’s new weapons coming without additional cost,they just dropped arenas without an additional cost. What exactly do you envision this new expansion will be?

More important than any of that though, it takes ~6 months (assuming your current code is fully functional) to develop expansions, it’s not something you just say “hey lets do it” followed by an expansion the next week :yum:

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They took my face, Justiiiiiin!

All AGS need to do is have is developed with as few bugs as possible.

I don t think they can fix it or even it fixable … the system engine don t support it … but they will never tell us ! So they are counting on sheep that pay skins in game to give them HOPE the game will be more fluid and you know what Hope is :wink:

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Ya who in their right mind would waste any more time with AGS after this shit show…

If they release fake content, IE leveling 60-70 with the current amount of content this game is dead.

We do not need levels we need content. Grinding 10 more levels is fake content.

This game is dead. AGS cannot fix the desync. AGS needs to rewrite the entire game into a new engine.

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