NPC range is absurd?


I don’t know if is me, but on the overworld, sometimes I found that NPC range is absurd, when you call a mob you inmidiatly surrunded by serval more mobs, I don’t dislike it at all, but I find it quite nice to see the world interact when you attack an enemy, but it comes even nonsense when you are inside a building and surrounding npc goes to you, if you go full range then you are dead or you try to escape.

Alas, would like to know why wildlife like wolfes, do not attack Lost or corruption? I could get that would cause some issues with surrnonding npc near to wildlife, but I think will get a nice touch that would feel the world a bit more alive.

A few of us have raised this previously. I reckon it’s a threat generation or decay bug. It makes it impossible to complete some quests because you pull one mob and get half the map chasing you instantly.

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