NPC Respawn timers and inconsistencies

I think AGS needs to take a look at the npc respawn timer. I assume that a dynamic spawn is what would work best, but it seems that when no one is around the respawn on freshly killed trash npc’s is set too quickly. Often times I kill one and it respawns before I loot the chest it was guarding or kill another.

On the other hand go to kill a quest mob and it takes 15 mins to respawn. But it’s not all quest mobs. Some will repsawn right away.

There is no consistency across the board here. I am finding this to be a QOL issue. I would hope that there is supposed to be more than a 20 second window between a kill and it’s respawn so that we can loot the chests and move on.

Just asking for AGS to take a look at the rate.


Probably wrong in saying this, but I assumed it was affected by how many players were in the area. Anyways - it’s better too fast than too slow.

Yeah, Respawn in this game is a mess. I’m killing a mob, then I’m fighting the mob next to it and 15 seconds later the first mobs is back again. In many areas you can’t continue because of constant respawning. And it’s not affected by how many players are around, respawn isn’t dynamic.


Doubt they will adjust this, since it has been 2 patches since a dozen of these topics were posted. What a shame.

I too think the trash mobs are re-spawning way to fast. Especially as I currently use LS as my main weapon I can’t compete with killing as fast as other setups. I timed a trash mob re-spawn today and I was the only person in this area. It was 1 minute to re-spawn after its death. I basically just fought the first 4 mobs at the entrance of this area as I get overwhelmed with the back spawn and can get killed with large amount of agro. I think it is noble and correct to have a fast spawn times in certain areas and server needs (population and such). However you need a better system or slower times for trash mobs.

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