NPCs and interactive items take a long time to appear in game

Bug Report.

Character: Luxious Interior
Server: Themiscyra
Synopsis: NPCs and interactive items take a long time to appear in game.
A lot of times, especially in and around popular cities like Everfall at prime time (8pm eastern),
I have to wait a long time for:

o NPCs to appear
o the town board to show its notes
o a harvest-able item such as iron-ore or a flower to show interact-able
(the floating ‘o’)
o barriers such as fences and carts along a roadway to be rendered
(although they block my way while invisible)

in extreme circumstances entire towns are not rendered.

Very rarely are MOBS not rendered except when zoning between areas
in a place like Depths.

In depths it takes about 10-15 seconds to get everything going and then
I am able to interact as everyone else (without any rendering issues).

In a town such as Everfall during peak hours NPCs and the town board
may take longer than 45 minutes to render (at least I went on with
other gameplay after 45 minutes of standing in one area waiting for
the town board notes to appear).

Sometimes the town board notes will appear in 30 seconds or so.

During this time I can see other players approach the board and
start reading pages (the animation of reading a book) as if they
are easily able to interact with the board.

When in the field – I can stand next to an iron ore for 30 seconds
waiting for the ‘o’ (floating interactive icon) to appear. In the mean
time another player can run up to iron-ore and mine it in front of me.

Reproduction steps:

For me, it is pretty much constant during peak hours, all over the
place. I recently switched from a server that had a low population
(Nolandia) to this medium populated server – it is essential to have
a population larger than nolandia to actually enjoy endgame – but
this current server is unplayable in the extreme cases, and makes me
wonder if I should switch back until these issues are resolved.

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